Sunday, April 22, 2012

Illumination- Part III, The Gala


Well here we are.  After a day of shopping and relaxing, napping (for him) and manicuring (for her), the time to start getting ready for the Gala had arrived!

2012-04-16 001


I felt a bit like a teenage girl taking pics of myself in the bathroom, but I didn’t have many other options!  At least I’m not making the duck face. Winking smile 


And my handsome hubs.  Love.



And yes, I realize his hand placement is a bit…risqué.  But heck, we’ve been married forever so I think it’s ok.  Even though Tyler made sure to text his dad after he saw the picture on his Nana’s phone, “Nice pic, perv.”  To which Jack replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  Yeah, we got a good laugh out of that one.  

Up first for the evening was the VIP Cocktail Party with Minnie Driver.  I’m still waiting on the pics of us with her (they were taking by several different photographers).  Hopefully I’ll have them to show you at some point.  But it was amazing.  Minnie was so sweet, and so chatty with us.  We had a little runners’ bond discussing her broken ankle which she injured during a 10-mile run just the week prior.  After the Gala, she sent me a lovely tweet,


How cool.

After the cocktail party, all 600-ish guests moved into the Ritz Ballroom to begin the evening.  The Gala consisted of beautiful performances by Minnie Driver, a luxury auction, and the most amazing dinner.  I asked Kris for an alternative for the filet mignon (which Jack said was perfect by the way), and she had the most delicious salmon I have ever eaten prepared for me.  I don’t think I was the only one…there was ONE other person in the room of 600+ who asked for something special.  Ha!  High maintenance, pshhhWinking smile

2012-04-16 0011

My video was shown after the luxury auction, but just prior to the Fund A Cure segment of the program where guests donated huge sums of money, all in the name of curing cancer.  After my video, I was asked to stand and be recognized and I got a standing ovation…it was so moving, and extremely emotional.  I just didn’t want to break down in to the “ugly cry”!


We received copies of two of Minnie’s CDs and were treated to a beautiful performance by her.  I didn’t know her as a recording artist so it was a real treat to be introduced to her music at the event.  She has a beautiful voice and was the perfect choice for the celebrity guest this year.


2012-04-16 0012

But the highlight of the night was easily this number here,


Which got rounded up to a cool $1.9 MILLION that goes to cancer research at Siteman.  There have been recent budget cuts by the NIH in the amount that goes into funding cancer research, so this money is extra important to facilities such as Siteman that is so dedicated to research to find treatments and eventually…A CURE.  Yes, friends, I’m believing a CURE is coming.

“Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Mark 5:36



Keri said...

I just watched your video.....WOW!!! It's amazing that I "found" you while still in the midst of your battle and to see how much you have impacted your world with your story is amazing. And motivating. And encouraging. Standing ovation from me too, my friend!

Keri said...

Just watched your video.....WOW!!! To think that I "found" you when you were still in the midst of your battle and to see you now...on the other side of that battle...impacting so many lives with your story. It's amazing. And encouraging. And motivating. Standing ovation from me too, my friend!

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