Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Family Project

What’s for dinner??? <-------Right now, this is just about the only thing on my mind.

I’m seriously wearing Pinterest out looking for ideas.  I’ve found TONS of ideas, just nothing that sounds good yet.  Hmmmm…..

On another note, I have had a couple of fabulous outdoor runs here lately!  I did 11 outside on Friday, and 7 outside this morning, both with 8:50 average pace…cool!  Maybe it’s the frigid cool morning air??  Who knows, but I’ll take it.






This past weekend we started an outdoor “project.”  Wanna see??

I’ll give you a hint…  This space will look very different, hopefully very soon…Winking smile 




The work began yesterday!  Is anybody else having these beautiful springtime days and temperatures lately?  Gosh, it gets so beautiful in the afternoons.  Love it.  Anyway…




Curious??  You can guess, but I’ll wait a little while to reveal.Smile 

We enjoyed some good ol’ family time while we were all outside for the afternoon.  We worked, played basketball, cheered (me & Katie), rode bikes, sat around on the tailgate, ate Doritos, and talked and laughed.  You know, the stuff good memories are made of.






Well shoot…the camera must’ve missed MY picture of me stuffing my face full of Doritos.  DangitWinking smile

I hope the sun is shining where you are.  Sun

A reminder to do your monthly self-breast exams, ladies!  You never know when it might save your life!

Love y’all.


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Keri said...

I want to move to your house. Seriously. You are one lucky lady!!! Glad you are healed and back out running again!

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