Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunshine & Rain Showers

Oh wow.

Ok, so this is a little intimidating. 

The first time my Live Writer program has been opened in three weeks.  Blank page.  Has it really been three weeks since I last posted??  <leaves to check>

Yep.  Geez.  So much has gone on, so much happening, yet I have no idea what I’m going to write about.

Truthfully, one of the biggest reasons I haven’t written is because I’ve been in a somewhat pissy mood [thank you absent hormones] and really didn’t want to write just depressing and cranky posts.  But then I had the thought,

“But this is MY blog.  The place to write MY thoughts and feelings and to share.  Yes, even if they are sometimes not all sunshine and flowers.” 

So here I am.

Here to write about my sunshine and my rain showers of late.  I’ll try to be brief and catch you all up.  We’ll see how that goes.Winking smile

-Good oncologist checkup on Feb. 3!
-”Benign findings” breast MRI – still CANCER-FREE!!
-Health and wellness household-wide.
-Basketball keeping us busy.
-A beautiful, mild winter, all except for the light snow that fell last week that led to 2 snow days and very ecstatic kids (and teachers as well).
-Substitute teaching for me…whoa.  My thoughts: Teachers don’t get paid NEARLY enough!  But I AM enjoying subbing! <---Probably because I have the “grandma role” here…I get to give them back.Winking smile
-Our family project is coming right along!  I’ll share more later.
-The office phones are starting to ring a little more again…Praise God!!
-Running has been back in full force, back to getting in my 30-40+ miles per week with a good balance of treadmill and outdoors.  LOVE.  Oh-and I’m also lifting weights and getting buff.  Ha!
-My birthday present from my parents was registration to the Country Music Marathon in Nashville on April 28!!!!!  My sister, Jessica, is running too, along with my sister-in-law Kristy.  It’s going to be a great girls’ weekend!!  I.cannot.wait.
-Oh yeah, and I had a birthday…#34!  I’m glad.  I like even numbers.Birthday cake

RAIN SHOWERS  Storm cloud
-Really my only rain shower is cancer-related…of course.  Blah.  This is pretty much my reason for my pissy mood as of late.  Even since Sarah passed away, I just feel surrounded by cancer.  And not all good news either, sadly. 
--Two ladies I follow on Twitter and [try to] participate in weekly breast cancer chats with, Rachel and Susan both lost their battle [I hate that phrase by the way] with breast cancer within one day of each other.  Both young and vibrant and very vocal in the fight against breast cancer, their passings leave giant holes in their families as well as the blog world.  
--A friend, Krissi, whose Caring Bridge site I’ve been reading for quite some time with stage IV breast cancer now has mets to her brain…ughhhhh….  She has been doing so well and taking chemo like a champ and her mets to the liver have been receding.  With no symptoms her dr ordered a brain MRI last week only because it had been a year since her previous one (which was good).  This one showed up several places of metastases in her brain, albeit very small.  Now she is pausing chemo while they zap these places with radiation.  
--My cousin’s mother, Lorraine, who has been doing well since a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer last year, was diagnosed with metastasis just a couple of weeks ago, and just passed away on Saturday.  Geezzzzzz…..cancer, cancer everywhere.  I really am so tired of all of this.

BUT, despite the rain that occasionally falls, I have to remember this:


Here’s to blessings and sunshine, friends!

Love you guys Red heart


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