And Just Like That…

Half of Tyler’s high school basketball career is over.


Yep, Spike, that’s how I feel too.

In some ways it’s been a long year.  And at times we were even begging for it to be over.  But not really.  Because when you get right down to it, we love watching our kids do their thing more than anything.

And everyone has their own “thing” at Bulldog basketball games.  It is most definitely a family affair and a big tradition… 

Tyler, of course (wearing the same #40 that his dad wore in HS):



Zachary, manager extraordinaire (and Sam his partner in crime):




Katie (cheering on her team by dancing with Spike at halftime):


And the nervous parents and grandparents (Jack has no fingernails left, BTW):



After the final buzzer sounded last night, with the score not in our favor, I watched as the mommas of the seniors wiped away tears as they watched their boys play their final game in a Bulldog uniform.  All the years of blood, sweat, and tears flashed through their mind as if this moment isn’t really real.  This is finally the end.  And then it hit me…I’m halfway there.  I’m halfway to being that momma, watching her senior play his last game. 

And I’m not even close to being ready. 

I mean, I feel like we just got started!

I know I’ve said this before, but could  I may or may not have asked Tyler if he’d like to flunk a year or two in order to drag this out a little longer…Winking smile #momoftheyearhere

I know this is all part of the process of growing up, and it’s something we all go through, and it may seem a bit dramatic, but when it’s your kid…there is seriously nothing bigger.

So, unless I figure out a way to stop time in it’s tracks, we will keep marching forward and pray that God will be our Guide as we travel through these different phases of life.  You can bet that I will be soaking up every.single.minute. Red heart


Good job, boys.  We are SO PROUD of you. 

And THANK YOU, TYLER for giving us lots of things to cheer about this year!!

2012-02-03 002

Peace. Love. And Bulldogs.



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