Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick HEY!

You know, I wish I had the time to put up a thought-provoking, witty, and inspirational post every day.  I really do. 

During the span of a day, I have so many times when I think,

Oh, I want to blog about that,” or

That would make a really good post.” 

And then something else leads to something else, and before I know it, that post idea was just a memory.  But not my memory.  I have no memory.  Chemo + menopause sucks. 


So somewhere in the recesses of my mind (or not) are dozens of posts that have been thought up during a drive, a run, or while browsing online.  I can only remember bits and pieces of each one, so I don’t dare start them because, well, half a post wouldn’t make any sense and I would probably forget my point altogether.  Kind of like I have now.

Anyway, I am here, now off again to pick up and deliver kids, basketball players, and others, then it’s off to GAME NIGHT!  Bulldogs vs. Tigers.  Let’s get it, boys.

Love you guys.

Check your breasts, ladies!  No one knows them better than you do. (er, or shouldn’tWinking smile)  Ha!


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