Tuesday, June 22, 2010

River Time!

Summer time around here is known for one thing: the RIVER!  We are blessed enough to live in what I’ve often referred to as “God’s country,” where we live amidst rolling hills, trees, rocks, creeks, woods, and wildlife.  I have traveled all across the United States, and have yet to find anywhere as beautiful as the Ozarks of Missouri. August 09 001

I like to travel to different areas of the country and enjoy all kinds of things, and I’ll admit I have often said the words “Ughhh, I wish we lived closer to ANYTHING!”  But I will also say, that I breathe an easy sigh when I watch the Current River flowing by or see the rolling hills of our small town.  I feel so blessed to live here, where I can see God’s fingerprint everywhere I look…and I am reminded to thank Him every day for His handiwork.

Here’s a look at our river time this past weekend:

Zachary diving off the boat:FATHERSDAYZACHDIVE2

Katie helping her Daddy drive the boat:FATHERSDAYKTDRIVING

Katie jumping (her favorite thing to do EVER):FATHERSDAYKTJUMP2

Tyler’s wind-blown hair:FATHERSDAYTY

Coolest feature on my sis-in-law’s camera makes it look like Ty is paused mid air:FATHERSDAYTYWALKONWATER

And Zachary is standing on the water:FATHERSDAYWATERSTOP

Cute (and ornery) kid:FATHERSDAYZACH   

Gravel bar relaxing at it’s finest:Jan2010 020

I was letting Brayden play in the water and he almost got a handful of gravel into his mouth!  Aunt Erica has to pay better attention:Jan2010 022

Zachary and Mason watching the river:Jan2010 051

Mom and Jessica getting some sun:Jan2010 023 

Jack and Brad cooling off the easy way:Jan2010 024

The boys helped Katie tie her boat to the post so she could float:Jan2010 025

Zachary chillin:Jan2010 028

Mom and Katie floating in the river:Jan2010 031

Brayden wants in the water sooooo bad!:Jan2010 030 

He is LOVING it!:Jan2010 036

He probably would’ve taken off swimming if I had let him go…don’t worry, I NEVER would!:Jan2010 045

You think his Momma was relieved to have him back on the bank??  Yeah, probably;-)  But she was glad he loved it!:Jan2010 047

So that’s what we do around here for river time!  It’s the simple life and we LOVE IT!

God Bless!


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becky @ misspriss said...

Ah, you're making me miss my beloved Ozarks! :)

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