Monday, June 7, 2010

Men For Women!


How was your weekend??  Ours was pretty good.  We went to the cabin for the weekend because it was where Zachary’s baseball tournament was being held on Saturday.  We got to the ballpark for the first game at 830am…and lots of heat, humidity, sweat, and 4 games later…we finally left the ballpark at 730pm.  Yes, that’s right, we sat in lawn chairs chasing the shade around a tree  Until my wonderful hubby arrived from Tyler’s double-header baseball game (held in a different town), with a canopy in tow.  Hallelujah!  He saved the day!!  It was so much nicer after that.  However, the players didn’t get to take advantage and they were quite the troopers!  They finished the day in 3rd place and went 2-2 for the day.  The couch felt sooooo good on Saturday night;-)

Today it is on to more baseball.  Yes, we are living and breathing it right now.  There is a practice or a game every night this week.  Then on Friday we leave for STL for Saturday’s Race for the Cure!!!!  I CANNOT WAIT!!  I AM READY TO CELEBRATE!!!

And while I’m on the Komen-type topic, I MUST show you this video I came across the other day.  It is hilarious…as is just about anything with Jack Black.  This is a new and different (and GREAT) way to get the mammogram message out there!  And totally cracks me up!  Enjoy!

Have a blessed day, friends!  Love y’all much:-)


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