Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Now That’s Just Awesome

Hey guys! 

How’s your week going so far??  We are in the midst of our craziest week so far this summer…there is a baseball game every single day.  The timing is just great  too (heavy on the sarcasm here) because we are also in the middle of what the weather guy calls “a July and August-like pattern.”  Which means lots of heat and humidity.  We’ve been in the mid-90s for several days now.  Needless to say, my outside runs have been taking place early, before it gets really heated up…although you couldn’t tell it by looking at me when I’m finished!  I’m a sweaty beast…sorry too gross for pics;-)  The stats for this morning’s run are:

Mile 1 10:55
Mile 2 9:30
Mile 3 10:03
Mile 4 9:57
Mile 5 10:50
Mile 6 9:32
Mile .20 2:45

TOTAL: 6.2 miles (10K)                    TIME: 1:03:35

The 3 H’s are reallllly affecting my run times…HEAT, HUMIDITY, HILLS.    We are at our cabin for a couple days so it’s the gravel road and many hills that I’m competing with, as well as mother nature.  Triple whammy I suppose.  But it’s ok, cause I feel awesome when I’m done!

Speaking of AWESOME…

As I was getting cleaned up after my run this morning, I was listening to The Gayle King Show on Oprah Radio (XM 156).  She started talking about a book called: “THE BOOK OF AWESOME”


I was listening to Gayle interview the author, Neil Pasricha and I immediately smiled.  Here’s a young man who, after being dumped by his wife of 2 years, fell into a rut of depression.  He said that he just felt down and also lost a very good friend who took his own life after HIS battle with depression.  He decided to start a website called, “100awesomethings.com” where he would list one awesome thing every day. 

Things such as finding money in an old coat pocket…the smell of freshly cut grass…when you push the button for the elevator and it’s already there…when your boss goes out of town…and many many more!

Before he knew it, he was an internet sensation, winning awards and being offered book deals! 

I think the reason his website and his book is doing so well is because we are craving positivity in our society. The news is so down and depressing so much of the time…wars, earthquakes, politics, the gulf oil spill…that we are seriously deficient in our daily dose of positivity.  How AWESOME do you think it would be for your soul if we just listed ONE positive thing about every day?  I think it would have a profound impact on how we look at things. 

I cannot wait to buy the book, and maybe even start a list of my own;-)  I may just start it right now in the back of my prayer journal!  AWESOME1  

Maybe  give it a try and see how God will guide you to appreciate all the little things in life! 

Have a great day friends <3 <3


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I love this! I have a lot of friends and family members who could use that book ;-) But me too. I tend to be pretty positive but it is so easy to fall into the pit of negativity if we're not careful. Thanks for sharing this!

p.s. It's been the same weather here. Phew!

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