Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Blessed Mama

Hello friends, and HAPPY  MOTHER’S DAY!!

I have had a wonderful day.  I had a great 11 mile run this morning and then we all went to church.  My mom and dad, my sister Jessica and her little Brayden, my brother Matt, his fiancé Charli and their little Mason were all there and it was wonderful.  It’s so nice to have almost all of us there to celebrate moms.

We held an impromptu photo session once we got back to my mom and dad’s.  Looking at all these pictures, I know that I am one blessed Mama.

Jessica, Mom, and Memothersday12

Me and my kids.  I am so proud that God chose me to be their Mama.mothersday1  mothersday3 mothersday4



My beautiful family:mothersday2

Zachary and Me: gosh this kid looks so much like me!mothersday10

My Mom and Dad:  Aren’t they so sweet?!mothersday6

Jessica, Mom, and Me: Notice I took my shoes off, I HATE being so much taller than everybody else in pictures…and at 5’11” it happens a lot!mothersday11

Her children stand and bless her.  Her husband praises her: “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!”  Proverbs 31:28-29



Kate said...

Erica - Thank you for your order today and supporting me in the 3-Day Walk! Your blog is just beautiful as are you and your family!! It really makes me feel like I am doing something important!


Denise said...

What a beautiful family! :)

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