Thursday, May 6, 2010

His Glory, Our Blessing

Good Morning, friends :-)

Once again I am up to see the sun rise this morning, praising God for the opportunity to wake up and enjoy another day!  I love this time of day so much.  It’s so peaceful and new…the possibilities for the day are endless. 

And while, yes, sometimes those possibilities aren’t what we would ever hope for –job loss, accident, illness, loss of a loved one, I could go on and on- they ARE important in growing our relationship with Christ.  For it is through adversity that we learn to fully depend on Him.  We learn to trust His perfect Will for our life.  Old things and habits pass away and new ones develop as we let God have control.  But we must let Him reign; He loves us so much and only wants what’s best for us. 

He desires to use us for His glory and for our blessing!

My devotion from Streams in the Desert says it like this, this morning:

God may send you some valuable gifts wrapped in unattractive paper.  But do not worry about the wrappings, for you can be sure that inside He has hidden treasures of love, kindness, and wisdom.  We must simply take what He sends us and trust Him for the blessings inside.

A person who has Christ as his Master is the master of every circumstance.  Are your circumstances pressing in on you?  Do not push away, for they are the Potter’s hands.  And you will learn to master them not by stopping their progress but by enduring their discipline.  Your circumstances are not only shaping you into a vessel of beauty and honor by also providing you with resources of great value.

BTW-this is an AWESOME devotional book!  I highly recommend it.  Thanks, M, for mine;-)  Love you.


Today is another busy at our household.  Katie is doing end of the year testing this week in Kindergarten and both boys have multiple baseball practices this week; and even when they’re not practicing they are usually at the field with their dad hitting and catching balls.  They are all about it!

I must finish paying bills today and get a little office work done.  And an outside run in on the books as well, I can tell they may not be happening much longer…the temps and humidity levels are creeping up in the mornings so I’m going to enjoy some outside time before it hits 100* and 100% humidity!

I hope each one of you has a blessed day!

“He is your constant source of stability; He abundantly provides safety and great wisdom.  He gives all this to those who fear Him.”  Isaiah 33:6


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Thanks for sharing this Erica! It always blesses me when you talk about how God is at work in your life :) Have a wonderful day friend!

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