Friday, December 12, 2008

Whole Foods!!!

Wow, so in St. Louis I had my first, but definitely not last trip to Whole Foods in Town and Country!! I was so excited to go there and Jack kept making fun of me the whole time...bah. But as soon as we walked in the store, he was like, "This place is awesome! We've got to come back!" Woohoo! I could have just looked and walked and looked and walked for hours. I could have bought out the whole store! But I filled my basket with a little of this and that; things that all my bloggie buddies have raved about. But I was most impressed with the section of bars!

Check these out!!! I stocked up on Larabars, Prias, Luna bars, ohhh I was in heaven! But I didn't want to totally freak the hubby out by running up a huge tab so I tried to pace myself! And when I heard that we were going to come back next time when we had more time, it was all good.
Here is my basket at the checkout. See that Chobani in there??! Yes, our hotel has a refrigerator in the room so I got ONE to have for breakfast the next morning before treatment. How on earth did I decide on just ONE?? I wanted 3 in every flavor!! *Note to self: We are coming back, next time we will bring a cooler!* But when I had this morning, it was AWESOME! It totally lived up to all the hype! Thick and creamy with sweet blueberries...ohh, wish I had another one right now! I also heard a lot about the granola planks so I am also very excited to try those out, too!
Yes, this stop made this girl very happy! Just as happy as going to a mall! And the fact that my hubby liked it as well made it even better. And next time I know what to expect and will have my list in hand...and try not to drool and look like I'm starstruck. The hot foods and salad bars they have there are soooo impressive! If we hadn't been in a hurry to get back to the hospital to eat with friends, we totally would've eaten there...bummer. Ok, next time! I've finally experienced a Whole Foods...I feel like I'm one of the gang! Teehee!


VeggieGirl said...

Whole Foods = my second home.

Larabars = my daily eat.

ENJOY!!! :-)

Mrs. LC said...

aw so glad you got a chance to go to Whole Foods! Whenever I want to go I have to do it when I'm in another town that has one, too. :) So glad you liked the Chobani! YUM!

Sammie said...

So awesome that you got to check out Whole Foods. I live walking distance from one and I am awe stuck every time I walk in through the door, the place is beautiful. Looks like you got some yummy goodies.

Sarah said...

Whole Foods rules! Let me ask you, what section did you find the granola planks in? I am still searching for those, haha.

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