Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday = Lazy Day

Today is turning out to be a lazy day...except for the 8, yes 8!, miles I ran this morning! Can you say "Woohoo?!" It felt great! But now I am in comfy lounge-wear, pulled up to the computer, checking out what's going on in blogland, getting ready to break open my Bible study, and THEN watch some football. Sounds like a fabulous day, huh? My goal for the weekend was to get out Christmas tree up and decorated. But since it is still sitting in the box in the middle of the living room floor waiting for an elk to be taken down from the wall AND my hubby's dozing on the couch, it looks like it may not happen! He's kinda cranky about taking it down so he's taking his time! In all fairness, I guess it is pretty heavy and it looks like it's going to take an act of Congress to get it down. He's just not as motivated as me!

When I got out of bed this morning, it was FREEZING in the house! Like, 60 in the bedroom and 58 in the living room! I crawled out from under the covers and promptly jumped right back in! Turns out, the fire in the boiler had gone out last night and we didn't have the backup heat turned on. But on the other hand, once I managed to get out of bed and get my running gear on, the run itself felt cool and wonderful! Tyler went outside and got it going again, so everything was nice and toasty in no time. He's such a little man, and a GREAT kid!

Yesterday, we had a mini-girl's day! Katie and I, and Michelle and Hailey went to PB and ate at Maya's, the BEST mexican food you could ever drool over. I was craving it so bad for the last 2 weeks so when the men decided they were going fishing, we took off! We hit Walmart, too and got a few things and looked at a sporting goods store for a cute new "treatment outfit." (Hey, if I can't use it as an excuse to get new clothes...!) I didn't find anything, though. But we are headed to STL on Wednesday afternoon to get our Christmas shopping finished up so I figured I would find something cute up there. We are also leaving early to spend "chemo time" with our friends who has her treatment for 3 days at a time. So we are going to be there with them, also. Then my 3rd treatment is Friday....I will be HALFWAY done with chemo after that! YAY! Praise God that He has carried us this far and I know He will continue to carry us! Hallelujah! I am also excited about having more STL-time because I want to go to Whole Foods! They have 2 in STL, and I am excited about going there! I know I will be so overwhelmed when I get in there though, so if anyone is well-versed in WF shopping I am open to advice for must-haves or whatever!

I hope everybody else is having a WARM and GREAT Sunday!


Simple and Divine said...

8 miles... Yeah you're really lazy.

Bridget said...

Wooo...8 miles sounds like a great start to your Sunday!

d said...

Hey girl! The Whole Foods in Town & Country is brand new and sooo much better than the one off Brentwood. It has a great food bar.

Good job on the 8 miles...thats amazing!

d said...

The whole foods in Town & Country is the best! Go there!

8 miles is amazing!

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