Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Today I Ran

(note: this post was supposed to go up yesterday (monday), but I got busy midway through and forgot. imagine.)

There have been a few posts that have had a title similar to this one.  Not like “I’m going to take a vacation from running,” kind of thing [Gosh, NO!], but a “Something is going on in my life that is forcing me to stop running.” 

I hate those.

I would much rather decide on my own to take a vacay from running, I’m not a fan of being told what to do…just ask my parents…or my husband. Winking smile 

No, every time I have had to stop running it is a must.  Ugh.

But oh happy day, TODAY I RAN!!!  Thank You, Jesus, for my feet, my legs, my lungs, and the beautiful scenery that I observed on my 6.25 mile run this morning!  It.was.glorious.


At the time of my run this morning exactly six weeks ago, I was having my bilateral mastectomy and beginning the reconstruction process.  Meaning, all the breast tissue and “other stuff” was removed, along with a lymph node, and tissue expanders were put in.  You can check out this post to read more about it.

So in my six weeks of recovery I’ve done a LOT of walking…5-6 miles/day, 5-6 days/week.  And it’s felt great to just be moving.  Anything else was basically off limits-no weights, no pushups, nothing crazy that involves too much upper body movement.  I was also not supposed to get my heart rate or blood pressure up either-umm, I’m going to assume that my sons’ basketball games don’t count.

But yesterday, I emailed my amazing PS and her response, 2012-12-03_1648rundr

I was super excited, and a little nervous when I got her answer…why?!  That’s crazy!  I’ve been dyingggg to run for 6 long weeks and now I finally get permission and I’m hesitating! 

Truthfully I guess I just didn’t know how things would feel.  Would I have the stamina?  Would it hurt??  Would it feel like before?  Will my expander end up in my armpit if it bounces too much??

So I decided to test things out yesterday afternoon.  I wore a sports bra over the top of my surgical bra and padding that I wear every day…believe me, NOTHING was moving.

And I hopped on the treadmill.  For 5.25 cautious miles, I alternated between running and walking.  For 61 minutes.  And everything felt good!  My boobs didn’t fall off, they weren’t sore, they felt normal!  And I felt back to normal for the first time in six weeks.


Since my test run felt so good, I decided that I would try running OUTSIDE today.

The verdict?



6.25 miles in one hour.  Yippee!!!!! 



Even though the skies were cloudy and gray, it could not dampen my spirits at all!

2012-12-03 001

Flying high on endorphins today!

Love y’all!


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