Monday, December 3, 2012

THE County Rivalry–Yellow Sucker Game 2012

Friday night was the basketball game that everyone in Carter County looks forward to all year- the county rivalry between the West Side and the East Side,

the Yellow Sucker Game!!!

No matter the talent level of the teams, or if one is deemed better than the other, it is ALWAYS a close game; which just goes to show how much both teams “get up” for this game!

First up for the night- the Junior Varsity game!

2012-11-30 001

The JV Bulldogs lost their game, but Zach had 11 points and only played the first 3 quarters of the game! Since he also plays some Varsity and players are only allowed 6 quarters a night, Coach needs to save 3 quarters for the Varsity game. 

Zach did a great job, and represents the Bulldogs so well – he plays hard, with focus, and never takes a possession off.  I am so proud of him!!

Our boys-

Gosh, I love them so much.

THEN, it was time for the Varsity game.

The Varsity game is where the coveted Yellow Sucker trophy is up for grabs.  It is a traveling trophy that goes between the two schools year after year, although VB has had it now for nine years!  Go Bulldogs!!  The trophy has a yellow sucker fish mounted on it (hence the name).

28015_567095126650820_410704679_n (1)


The game was held at East Carter HS this year, with the location alternating every year.  Fans from both sides crammed into the gym and, as usual, there was standing room only.  Fans randomly broke into chants and cheers before and throughout the game, adding to the electric atmosphere!  We were pumped!!  And as parents, pretty nervous!



2012-11-30 0011


Here we go!


I didn’t take too many pictures during the game because I was just too nervous, but here’s Tyler, shooting free throws in the first quarter with the score tied 2-2.  He had 20 points on the night. Open-mouthed smile



Score by quarters-

2012-11-30 0012


Yellow Sucker Game WINNERS for the 9th year in a row!!!!!



And post-game fun-

2012-11-30 0013


The Yellow Sucker trophy is apparently quite happy at VBHS!  Will next year be #10??

Here’s hoping!!

Peace, Love, & Bulldogs


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