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Traditions is the name of the program that every year at the high school state basketball championships in Missouri, honors teams that made it to the final four 20 years prior.



It’s a little unbelievable for me to say that we traveled to Columbia to participate in Traditions this past weekend.  Does that mean it’s been TWENTY YEARS since Van Buren has won the state title??  Umm yes, old timers, that’s right.  Even though it really only seems like yesterday, we can now honestly use the words “back in the day…”  Well, not me.  I can’t use them…I was just a baby in the eighth grade at the time.  My hubs is the old timer around here.  Haha, I kid, I kid. Open-mouthed smile

So Saturday was championship day for classes 1-3A.  At halftime of each game, the champions, second, third, and fourth place teams were brought onto the floor one at a time and honored for their achievements twenty years ago.  The announcer talked about the high points of each team’s run in the Final Four and mentioned a few players names such as high scorers and such.  It was a great little “glimpse back in time” moment.



One of the neatest things about our guys, though, is that they all brought their kids out onto the floor when they were announced as the 1992 Class 1A Boys Basketball State Champions.  Eight of the fifteen players showed up, as well as both coaches.  It was quite a group!






You want to know what Bulldog Pride looks like?  Right here, baby.  Right here. 


Oh- and I totally think we had the cutest kids there.  Just sayin’.

And the reminiscing that went on that night…


It was legen- wait for it- dary.  (please tell me you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother so I don’t look like an idiot here)

It was such an exciting weekend for our guys to be honored.  It brought back a lot of memories and we had a great time!

Go Bulldogs!


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