Celebrate Fitness 10K Race Recap

Ok, ok, so the Celebrate Fitness event for the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program at Siteman was, mmmm, a little over a week ago and I’m JUST NOW writing the recap.  Seems to be par for the course like my other blog entries, wouldn’t ya say?

BUT, nevertheless, here I am to give you a play by play step by step of the event (well, maybe not quite).



Celebrate Fitness is a yearly event held on the campus of Washington University as a fundraiser for the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program at Siteman Cancer Center…hey, that’s ME!!


The YWBCP is a great source of information and support for all us under 40s who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We are definitely in the minority in the breast cancer population so there is so much need for a program like this (unfortunately) where we can lift each other up an share with each other.  So- all the money raised from this event goes to help women like me get their help and support we need to deal with our diagnosis.  And this year, Celebrate Fitness raised over $60,000 to support the YWBCP!!!!

Obviously, it was huge success again this year.  This is my first year getting to attend this event because of prior commitments I’ve always had going on, but I was SO STOKED that I could go this year!! 

Approximately 1300 people gathered together on a beautiful morning at the WashU Athletic Complex to show their support and participate.  How this event works:

Celebrate Fitness is a ninety-minute fitness workshop for men and women held at the Washington University Athletic Complex
Participants may chose from one of eight workouts. Indoor activities include Zumba/Hip Hop, yoga and water aerobics. The outdoor activities include boot camp, a competitive 10k run, a competitive 5k run, a 5k walk or a 1 mile fun walk.

Very cool. 

My doctor, and FRIEND, Julie picked me up at the hotel at 730am and we headed over to the campus.  She was running her first 5K, and just started running 2 WEEKS AGO!  Wow!  But she’s is terrific shape so I knew she wouldn’t have a problem.  We ran into quite a few people we knew, and visited while we got our bibs and then we went inside.


There was a short talk about the purpose of the day and a special Angel Award that was given out.  There was also a “Ring My Bell” performance done by a dance team in which all survivors were invited to come on the floor and ring the handheld bells that we were given. <------Symbolic of the “ringing of the bell” that we do when we finish treatment at Siteman.  Then it was off to the workouts!  

It’s probably no surprise that I did the 10K.  Well, I guess it’s also in the title of this post.  Hello, genius…and yes, I’m talking to myself here.Winking smile  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, and I could not WAIT to have an amazing run out into Forest Park and back. 

It was about 1-2 miles in that my right foot started giving me issues.  The top of my foot was killingggg me with every step.  To adjust, I ran on the inside of my foot which took some of the pressure off the top.  It helped and made the run bearable but not by much.  My foot was really angry at me when I finished.  But I had a pretty good time, considering!  I know…I’m messed up. Winking smile  




Yay me!  And Yay, Julie, who ran her very first 5K in 31:26!  How awesome is that?!  So proud of her! Open-mouthed smile

Afterwards, she took me back to the hotel and the fam and I headed back home, me wishing I had grabbed a bag of ice at the hotel to put on the top of my foot.  But I was balancing the discomfort with my post run endorphins.  Heehee!

The endorphins weren’t working, however, on Sunday morning when I got out of bed.  I could barely walk on my foot at all…like hardly put any pressure on it.  It was killlllinnnnggg for sure.  I googled everything for runners and decided I either had tendonitis or a stress fracture.  Great.  I rested it all day Sunday and felt so.much.better on Monday.  After taking a few days off,  and implementing some relacing techniques on my shoes to take the pressure off the top of my foot, it is almost as good as new.  Whew!

I am so happy that I got to participate in Celebrate Fitness this year.  This event will have to be a “must” on the calendar for next year.

Remember to CHECK YOURSELF, LADIES!!!  Knowing your breasts and doing your monthly self-breast exams can save.your.life.  Period.



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