Monday, March 5, 2012

Sensational Sunday

Morning, y’all!

This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday, but laundry, kids, work, etc. all got in the way…imagine that!

We had a great Sunday!  Definitely blog-worthy, but unfortunately light on pictures…boo.  My day started like this,



Which led to this,






A fabulous 15-miler, the longest I’ve ran in quite some time, started the day on the right foot definitely!  It just felt so good.  Nothing hurt, no discomfort, nothing.  Just me and my praise and worship jams, soaking up the gorgeous sunshine as well as every step I took.  Lovely indeed.  Thank You, Jesus.

I am also pretty stoked that my car went from looking like this,





Yay!!!  After being without my ride for a week, it is fixed and as good as new!  I don’t remember if I filled you all in on my “little” fender bender, but in case I forget to tell you, Tyler put a warning/reminder on my back glass shortly after my incident that I think pretty much explains it pretty well…



Thanks, Son. Winking smile

Ok, I’m off to wake up young’uns…  I hope y’all have a marvelous Monday and a great week!!



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