Don’t Stop…Get It, Get It…

I am so sorry for the lack of posting  last week!  It has been a week of busy-ness.  This was my first full week of radiation in STL.  As far as radiation goes, it is going great.  It just a lot of driving…A LOT.  It is, essentially, 6 hours of driving for 6 minutes of treatment, every day.  We stayed the night twice last week and that helped some but the whole driving thing is exhausting.  And I’m not entirely sure that staying a couple of times last week saved me much because both times were also turned into major outing and shopping expeditions.  It just felt so good to get out and about, doing normal stuff that I couldn’t help myself!  I did make use of the hotels fitness room both times.  So far, my running hasn’t suffered, but I am thinking of lowering my expectations for the weeks to come.  Last week I did 34 miles and had two days off so I was very happy.  We’ll see how it goes this week when I will be making the drive every day.  Zachary has 3 games this week (all away), Tyler has his first baseball game and a tournament on Saturday as well as 8th grade prom.  In looking at the schedules, this looks to be the worst of the 5 weeks left.  But I am up for the challenge!  106

My sister and I took Katie to the Magic House last week in STL.  Our parents had taken us there when we were little and I had forgotten how much fun it was!!  Katie had the most fun ever!  She said, “This truly IS a magical house!” 

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And yesterday, Zachary’s 5th grade basketball team won first place at their all-day tournament!!  They did such a great job and played so hard.  It was a great way to spend our Saturday!  (Even though I didn’t get to sleep in, which I so desperately wanted to do!)

zach_tourney zach_inbound zach_shot

zach_ft3 zach_tourney1

And today is my hubby’s 34th birthday, so we just finished UNC punch their ticket to the Final Four next weekend and we are about to have dinner and relax!  Just exactly what we all wanted to do!  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart…the love of my life!


So here goes another week…if I don’t post much (and I probably won’t!) forgive me, and you’ll know why!  Please pray for us as we cross another week off our list!  ONLY 26 MORE!!  Love ya’ll! 


VeggieGirl said…
Sooo busy indeed - hang in there, dear Erica!!
Sara said…
Bless your heart. I just can not even imagine the schedule you have to keep right now. Don't let yourself get too run down. Rest when you can. Praying you up girl! Hang in there.

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