Monday, March 2, 2009

Yoga Challenge!

I'm kind of excited because I am going to participate in Tina's 31 Days of Yoga challenge! I started yesterday evening with a 20-minute Yoga for Runners from 20 minutes is a perfect, very doable time frame for me. Although yesterday's yoga was not without 3 interruptions, one from each child, and I guess Katie found downward dog so interesting that after her first peek into the room she decided to come back and join me for the final 5 minutes or so. She was too cute! She was very quiet, like I asked, and every time I would glance over at her, she would be looking right at me, smiling from ear to ear. :o) So she was a welcome, peaceful addition to my new daily practice. As a runner, my muscles stay so tight, so it feels so good to get a good smooth, easy stretch. I hope I can keep to the commitment to do some yoga daily. The only times I feel will be more challenging is like a couple of days this week when we have to be STL all day. But hopefully I will make it work! I would love to make it a habit.

So tomorrow we are going to STL for my radiation setup day. It is going to be a long day! My friend Tiffany started her stem cell transplant last Wednesday and has had her 5 straight days of chemo that leads into the actual transplant, which happens tomorrow at 11am. Please keep her in your prayers! So after our stuff is done, we are going to see her before we head home. I hope we get home at a decent hour.

I am praying for as easy a day as possible tomorrow...that God would just move things along at a quick speed and we would come away feeling strong and positive. And ready for radiation! Bring it on! Have a great Monday!


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TraciG said...

Erica--Not sure if setup is done the same everywhere, but just in case, be prepared to see lots of Sharpies! My chest looked like a 2 year old had been at work! They used them to map out where the radiation was to be focused. After a couple of days, they made small pin-pricks and put ink on them for the permanent tattoos. They are really small and look mostly like a weird mole.
I did think the setup was pretty painless for the most part. Our radiation center had a foundation that owned a couple of apartments for use by people who lived far away. You may check with them for such a thing in case of bad weather or fatigue.
We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and pray for safe travels and that everything goes smoothly!

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

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