Monday, March 9, 2009

They Stole My Name!

Good Monday Morning! I was dreading the alarm this morning because I knew it was going to feel like 515am instead of 615am. I really don't care for the springtime time change when it comes to waking up in the morning. However when it is 7pm and it is still very light outside, I DO enjoy it! Makes me ready for summer!

Yesterday was a low key day around here. We had a serious thunderstorm move through in the morning, but I had no idea because I was on the treadmill downstairs putting in 11 miles. It was pretty when I went down, and it was pretty when I came up! Everybody was like, "Did you hear the storm?!" Uh, nope! Thanks to my fabulous run and The View (which has episodes now available online!!) I had no clue we had any bad weather.

We watched a lot of basketball yesterday. This is my very fave time of year for sports...March Madness, when there is always a good game on! Yesterday's highlight was the UNC/Duke game. GO HEELS!! Their star player, Tyler Hansbrough, is from Poplar Bluff, about 30-40 mins from here so we have been following UNC pretty heavy for the last 4 years. It was a great game and in the end, the Tar Heels came out on top! I hope they do well in the upcoming NCAA Tournament...a National Championship would be a great way to end Tyler's college career.

Does anyone else watch The Apprentice? We really like it, and have watched every season of it. I REALLY like Celebrity Apprentice because all the money raised goes to the celebrities' favorite charities. And to see all these posh and pampered stars working their tails' off without assistants or people to do it for them is great tv! On last night's episode, the contestants had to create a comic book character/superhero that would become the "spokesperson" for The team of men totally stole my name!! They named their character EEE! Which was a pretty stupid name for a superhero in my opinion, and Scott Hamilton eventually got fired for it, but when he first suggested it I was like, "Hey! That's me!" Jack looked at me so weird, but understood after I reminded him of the blog. I thought it was cool. Anyway, that was my excitement for the evening. Pretty sad, huh?! *lol*

I hope everyone is having a good Monday and didn't oversleep too much! ;-)

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Keri said...

That is so funny!! You're famous!! Somebody should definitely get fired over stealing your name.

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