Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We’re Going To STATE!

To be more specific, TYLER is going to state! 

The District Cross Country Meet was held Saturday morning (Oct. 27) at Willow Springs Golf Course.  It was a beautiful morning, but pretty chilly!  Luckily our boys’ race wasn’t until 11:30, so the sharpness of the chill had given way to the sun. 

Our boys’ team of seven included both of our boys, even with Zachary having been out of the line-up for a couple of weeks due to bronchitis, he was still chosen to run for the Bulldogs.  So proud of his Freshman XC season!

2012-10-29 002 

Zach’s time improved by FIVE MINUTES from the first time they ran this course at the first meet of the season!  That is HUGE!


Tyler ran a great race and, in doing so, qualified to advance to the STATE MEET this weekend in Jefferson City!!!  He earned All-District honors for the second year in a row with 8th PLACE and a time of 18:24!!!  We have all been anticipating a repeat this year, and to be heading back to state, but you just never know how the meet is actually going to shake out-someone may run the race of their life and someone else could stumble and trip, feel under the weather, just run a bad race…I mean, the possibilities are endless.  You just never know! 

BUT, he did it, and he and Shaun (his teammate) both qualified for the state meet!  We are SO EXCITED!!!


I was a little unsure how I would feel at the meet on Saturday, being only five days post-op.  I never even considered staying home…yeah, right.  But I DID consider watching from the car and not walking all over the place [I mean, it IS on a golf course]. 

I did sit in the car for the first hour or so during the boys and girls meets for other classes (bigger schools), but I was more than ready to get out and watch our girls, then our boys run their races.  And you know what?  I never got exhausted!  It actually felt SO good to be out walking around and being out in the sunshine.  We brought chairs so I could sit at the start/finish line but, truthfully, I was so nervous for the boys’ race that I didn’t sit down much at all!  I felt great!  Now-I may or may not have taken a nap as soon as we got home…Winking smile


Now we are counting down to this Saturday’s State Meet!  Let’s Go Tyler & Shaun!!!


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