Monday, October 8, 2012

St. Louis Rams Love PINK!

I’m going to lighten things up around here, since my last post was pretty heavy! 

But it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month [which you probably already knew, unless you live under a rock], and thanks to my friends at Siteman Cancer Center, we get to do some pretty cool stuff!


This past Thursday was one of those times!  We were all pumped when we got the call last week asking us if we would like to be their special guests at Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the St. Louis Rams game!!  Umm, YES!!!  They went on to ask if I would be willing to give an interview at halftime and if our family would like pre-game field passes.  At this point, I had to pinch myself.

Before the game, though, we had business to attend to at the doctor’s office.  We met with Julie to discuss my upcoming surgery and ask a few more questions that I had, then we went downstairs to do all the pre-op stuff.  Now with all that out of the way, I should be good to go until surgery day.

NOW- back to the fun stuff!! 


We arrived at the Rams game two hours early to pick up our tickets and on-field passes.  We were escorted right in and taken back to a holding room, where we would be picked up and taken down to the field.  How flippin’ cool is this?! 

2012-10-05 0012




We got to hang out on the sidelines for two hours.  We took lots of pictures, watched players warm up, and [ahem] visited with the cheerleaders.  Just a note, I’m not sure who was more interested…

2012-10-05 0013


2012-10-05 0014

Just before the game was to start, the family all headed up to our seats and I was escorted back through the tunnel where 2 or 3 dozen of us breast cancer survivors lined up to make a tunnel for the player introductions.  And I got to see Ashley!  She and I are survivor buddies. Smile

2012-10-05 0015

After all the PINK EXCITEMENT, I headed back up to join my family at our seats, where I waited [impatiently and anxiously].  I had to meet my Rams contact, Jennifer, three minutes prior to halftime so she could take me back down to the field for my interview.  I was getting so nervous at this point, and sweating buckets!  We all couldn’t go down at halftime, so Jennifer asked Katie if she wanted to go.  Of course she did…this girl has never met a camera she didn’t like! 

2012-10-05 0016

I have no idea what I said, or how it came out.  I was just focused on breathing and trying to make sense.  I’m still not sure that happened, when all I was thinking about was not locking my knees and being sure to mention “Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine” in my interview.  Whew!  Somehow, I did it!

It was such a fun night!  I love seeing all the pink everywhere, I feel so supported and lifted up when I see that pink ribbon.  I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event.  I am a proud Siteman patient and will always do all that I can do spread the word about the caring staff, the groundbreaking research, and the life-saving facility that is Siteman. 

Is IS BCA Month, so remember to check your breasts, ladies.  Schedule your mammograms if you are due for one, and be aware of any changes in your body.  You are your own best advocate!


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