Friday, October 19, 2012


Gosh, it’s been a ridiculously crazy week!  On top of trying to prepare for surgery, we have the usual stuff going on like practices, cross country meets, and everything that goes with it.

If I had to describe the past week in one word it would be, NESTING. 


Yes, you heard me right.  I am nesting like a pregnant woman…umm, that would be like number 2. from the above definitions.  I was cleaning all the deep and dark crevices of my bathroom at the beginning of the week and since then have proceeded to empty the entire contents of my laundry room AND Katie’s room (oy vey!)  to do the same there.  Nothing is off limits as I prepare to come home from surgery to a clean and [semi-]organized house.  Today my plan is to get a massage (priorities, people!) and come home and organize my dresser drawers.  Nesting at it’s finest. Winking smile

I have been working out every day, trying to soak in every minute of endorphins since I won’t be going for a run for quite awhile after Monday!  I hope I’m banking enough, but I doubt I am.  But I did hit my furthest run in MONTHS-as well as my fastest pace-on Monday with a 10-mile run!  It was beautiful and awesome.  I love runs like that.  I made it to Day 37 of Insanity on Wednesday.  I’m probably not going to do anymore before surgery.  But I have really liked it!  I am going to let my sister use it while I am recovering and see how she likes it, and am looking forward to restarting from Day 1 when I am healed and able to!

2012-10-18 001

And the fall colors are amazing right now!  It is so beautiful in the Ozarks!

2012-10-18 0012


Cross Country season continues and Tyler has continued to impress, medaling in every race.  He received All-Conference honors at the conference meet this week.  Zachary has been sidelined with a nasty bout of bronchitis for the past couple weeks, so he hasn’t been able to participate.  Thankfully he is much better now!

2012-10-18 0013


Yesterday we wrapped up our #SheReadsTruth Ephesians study!  I look forward to opening up my Bible and my iPhone app every morning and digging into God’s Word and reading what other sisters in Christ have to share about the passages.  I am anxiously anticipating the next study- Philippians.  Join us!

 2012-10-18 0014

Anddd, last but not least,


That’s right!  If we win Game 5 today against the Giants, we will be going back to the World Series!!!!


LET’S GO CARDS!!! 12 in 12!!!


I’m going to hit the shower and get ready to go get my massage, thanks to my Momma!  I am SO excited!!  Have a great Friday, guys!


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