Mornings That Beg For A Run

Hey guys!

I took a teeny break from Insanity this morning.  It should have been Day 32 which is Max Recovery.  The Recovery DVD from the first month was about 30 minutes or so of stretching and yoga-like poses, all which felt so good but also left my muscles quivering by the time some of the poses were done!  It’s more slow and controlled exercise but it works you nonetheless! 

But today I really wanted to run outside.  We have had these beautiful, cool mornings that (to me) are just begging for a run.  So no Max Recovery for me today, a glorious 7-miler was just what I needed!


I am very happy with all my splits!  I love that I ran negative splits for the most part (all except the last mile which was a bit slower) and kept a pretty steady pace!  Sometimes it’s hard to remember how to pace yourself for outdoor runs when you’ve been on a treadmill a lot, since the treadmill helps you keep your pace.  But I did pretty good!  And it felt so good to get out and just run.


Something I have been forgetting to share with you since there’s been lots of other stuff going on, is that the ladies over at SheReadsTruth have started a new study!  This one is on the book of Ephesians, and I LOVE it.

2012-10-10 001

And, as always, it’s never too late to join!  Head on over to She Reads Truth and take a peek at what the ladies there are doing.  It’s a pretty awesome community over there!

Later gators!




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