Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yeah Cancer, YOU Heard Me…




Yesterday was the 1st Annual Tell Cancer To Take A Hike at Van Buren School.  It was the idea of a very good friend of mine (and a fellow survivor), Sue, to raise money for cancer by having kids pay to sign up for a hike.  And we live in one of the MOST amazing hike-able places, ever!

What a great idea!

For their $15, each child that wanted to sign up got a t-shirt, a 4-mile hike, and a post-hike BBQ…and all this started at the beginning of 6th hr, so they also got out of their 6th and 7th hour classes.Smile 

Close to 100 kids signed up and came to hike their booty’s off and raise money, which was then donated to our Lending A Hand Fund!!!!  (I still don’t have the exact totals but I am guessing somewhere close to $1000!!!) Print

There was a LOT of walking up and down our Ozark hills:




And there were several breaks at the top of some of these small mountains! This is some of Zach’s 8th grade class:




And what sounds better to 100+ kids and adult chaperones at the end of a long 4-mile hike??


A BBQ of course!  Sponsored by a local bank, there were hot dogs, chips, granola bars, and drinks all waiting for the hungry mob when we returned.




I gave little impromptu speech on how “Yes, this hike was hard…but fighting cancer is even harder.”  I also thanked them for participating and showing that they care. Red heart 




I could probably stop with the pictures now, but since It’s my blog and I’m a little biased, here are some of my favorite hikersWinking smile  I love and need their support more than they’ll ever know.HIKETYLER



It was a perfect day to tell cancer to…



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