Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Like His Momma

On Saturday, my oldest boy made his Momma so proud.

I mean, he does this regularly, but Saturday morning was Districts for Cross Country!  And boy, did Tyler SHOW UP. 

Cross Country Districts is held on a golf course, and is a TOUGH run.  The boys’ meet was first, followed by the girls’. 

And they’re off!IMG_0257


Jack and my Dad walked around and saw Tyler at different points on the course and were calling me telling me how he was doing.  I was waiting at the finish line.IMG_0275


The last tenth of the course finishes uphill…and my boy gutted it out at a dead sprint to finish in 18:58!!!IMG_0282




And he took 7th place and QUALIFIED FOR STATE!!!!!  The state meet is this weekend in Jeff City and he’s going!!!!IMG_0260


I am so stinkin’ proud of this kid!!!  And I’m telling him that as I’m kissing him and probably embarrassing him.  I also have my iPhone in hand so I can text everybody I know to tell them how well he did! Smile
























Tyler showing off his 7th place medal!IMG_0277


The boys’ team qualified for state with a 2nd place finish; 2 of the runners (Tyler and Kenny) also qualified individually.IMG_0278


Katie always manages to get in the picture somehow!  Notice Zach and Elijah aren’t anywhere to be found but Katie gets in there to proudly snap a photo with Luke.  IMG_0271


Tyler and Luke with their team trophy.  Good job, boys!!IMG_0268

Look out, Jefferson City, Missouri!  The Bulldogs Cross Country team is on our way this weekend!!


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