Halloween Fun

Wow, I feel like I’m actually starting to get a little caught up here on the blog!

Whew!  ‘Bout time, I know.Winking smile

Did you do anything fun and/or amazing for Halloween??

Well, when you have kids it is all centered on two things:

  • the costume, and
  • the candy

Our boys have long since grown out of the dressing up stage (Sad smile), but Katie is in her prime!  So finding the right costume was a BIG deal.  After much searching and choosing, she finally decided to be a   “Groovy Girl” and she looked so cute. IMG_0294

I am the room mom in her 2nd grade classroom and we had all the fixins’ for a good Halloween Party!  Cupcakes, cookies, candy, and games were all planned and made. 

We played musical chairs using fun Halloween music, and then let them wrap each other up like mummies.  So cute! IMG_0296IMG_0298IMG_0300IMG_0303

This is such a fun age for Halloween. Smile 


I hope lots of fun was involved with your Halloween, as well!



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