Monday, November 7, 2011

State XC

After bragging on my kid for qualifying for the State Cross Country Meet last week, I fell flat on my face and did not take a single picture of my kid at the meet this past Saturday. Sad smile 

< insert pitiful mom award here >

I DID take video, but no pics.  Grrrr, I’m so aggravated at myself right now.

Nice, Erica.  You didn’t manage to take a single picture of your first-born, but you DID get a shot of the sign.  Nice. 




Anyway, I can report to you that in a field of 190 boys in Class 1, Tyler did great!  He was the second runner for VB and represented the Bulldogs well!





He finished 82nd and we are beyond proud of him! He, of course, saw where he could have done better, but that’s just part of it being his first experience at State.  Now he knows what to expect for next year!



So now that Jr. High Basketball and HS Cross Country seasons are over, bring on some HS Bulldog Basketball!!!!  Our season kicks off with a 2-day round robin the day after Thanksgiving.  Less than 3 weeks and counting!!  Let’s go boys!  I still can’t quite believe that Tyler’s a sophomore.  Wahhhhh! 

You know what’s even harder to believe…next year I WILL HAVE TWO BOYS IN HIGH SCHOOL. 


Please, time, stop now.

Alright, I’m going to try to upload the video from this weekend and we’ll see if I can get it to post.  If not, then I’ll quit taking videos and go back to picturesWinking smile 

Love y’all!


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