Friday, March 12, 2010

Where Dreams Comes True

Don’t you know I’m talking about Walt Disney World?!  Of course you do.  It’s the theme park of all theme parks.  It’s where every kid dreams of going one day to have countless thrills and chills, choice encounters with their favorite characters, and more giggling and smiling that makes the whole trip so worth it.March2010 208

Disney World did not disappoint our 3 children at all.  The boys had been once already; I was pregnant with Katie so it was June of 2003.  But for Katie, it was her first time (since she was in the womb, anyway!) and it was so special.

The kids were so excited on our way to Florida:

March2010 016Um yeah, I promise the excitement will come;-)  And may I just also pray special blessings for the person who invented the DVD player in cars?  I love that person…truly.

I could show about a million pictures here right now, in fact I’m having a hard time choosing which ones to use!  But I will try to limit myself here…I said try;-)       March2010 025

March2010 036 March2010 048 March2010 215 March2010 145 March2010 128       March2010 209

March2010 211

March2010 213March2010 055


It was the most magical part of Katie’s trip.  My mom and I found a line to in Mickey’s Toontown to “Meet the Princesses” and we immediately hopped in despite the 60 minute wait.  Katie moaned and groaned about the wait…after all she was t i r e d of waiting…  But I knew that she would devastated if we went home without her seeing one single princess and here we had the opportunity to see 3!  So I did what any good mother would do and made my daughter stand in line “because we drove 15 hours to come here, you are GOING to see a princess!”

As soon as we were at the front of the line to move into the princess room, she was ecstatic!  There was no containing her excitement.  She got her autograph book all ready, and was poised to go meet her idols.  First up was Cinderella:

March2010 067

March2010 068

Next was Belle.  I love this picture of Katie, looking like she is just gushing over whatever it is Belle is saying;-)

March2010 070      March2010 072

Then came Katie’s favorite, Sleeping Beauty.  Sleeping Beauty is very special to us because every time I would have to leave early in the morning for STL for treatment, Katie was ok with me not waking her up as long as I promised to kiss her and whisper that she looked just like Sleeping Beauty.  And she would ask me as soon as I got home from chemo if I had told her that morning.  So Sleeping Beauty is a special girl;-)  I told her this story and she was so wonderful with Katie.  She took so much time with her and they told stories and hugged.  And before we left, she gave Katie the sweetest kiss on her cheek, and Katie wore the lipstick mark around so proudly all afternoon.  It was worth the entire trip for this moment.

March2010 075

March2010 076

March2010 078

March2010 080

At Animal Kingdom, we went on Safari:

March2010 148

March2010 153 March2010 155 March2010 157

March2010 158

March2010 161 March2010 166  March2010 150

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there is an overabundance of Katie-pictures, it’s because the boys were moving too fast for the cameras to keep up!  They hit every fast moving roller coaster, water ride, and thrill ride they could find…most of the time with Jack and my dad, while my mom and I took Katie to the slower-paced rides where she would pose and pose and pose for pictures.  So naturally there are more pics of her.  I guess the men just don’t think about taking pictures when they are being dropped down the Tower of Terror or backwards on Expedition Everest;-)  Go figure...

And like I said, there are so many other things I could show you, but I will spare you the “Look at our family vacation pictures!” spiel.  But it was a truly amazing time.  Our family has not had a moment to relax and enjoy ourselves for the last year and a half since the moment we heard the words “breast cancer” so we soaked up every single moment of family togetherness and relaxation.  It was a blessed week for sure.  I am so thankful beyond words.

God Bless, friends


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