Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florida Bound!

Well after the day started off kinda rough. When I walked into Zachary's room this morning to get clothes gathered for his suitcase, I wasn't quite prepared for the sight I encountered.

You see, I went to help him because he said he didn't have enough clothes. Weeellllll...Let's just say I found out why and leave it at that. No, let's leave it at this: I pray that the Lord would place a hedge of protection around each one of our children each morning, and praise God He had Zachary at basketball practice when I discovered his reason for not having enough clothes! Because if he had been home when I discovered this mess, I would've jerked a knot in his tail so fast it would have made his head spin. OMGosh, words cannot express. And I have no idea why he had clean folded clothes in an empty shoebox that was underneath his bed, or a half eaten Snickers bar on his bed (not a fresh one, mind you), and enough clothes on his bathroom floor to provide for his entire 6th grade class. No wonder he didn't have enough clothes...they were all dirty and in his floor!

Out of his room came: 3 loads of laundry, 2 bags of trash, 3 trash bags full of clothes that don't fit, several food items in varying stages of decay, and a partrige in a pear tree (probably). I consider myself lucky that he doesn't have any sort of major infestation of mice or least none that I could see!

Note to my baby boy's future wife: You.were.warned. I have pictures to prove it;-)

So now we are on our way. We left at 330 after school, heading south. Everybody is so excited. We have only been further than STL once in the last year and a half (to Tunica) so we are ready!!

We are praying for God's safety and protection as well travel and His blessings on our trip. We are believing God for fun-filled trip of family togetherness!

Here we go! Love y'all!

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