Saturday, August 15, 2009

Simply Saturday

What a lovely Saturday morning!  We are at the river for the weekend, enjoying the last few days before the craziness begins…yes, school starts on Wednesday here. 

Last night when we arrived, Jack had already been here most of the day and had dinner already on the grill.  He had shredded BBQ pork and elk (the elk from last year’s hunt out west) that had been slow cooking all day…omgosh delicious!  And since we didn’t have an actual birthday dinner/cake/presents for his mom when we were in Tunica, we had his sister come over and we did it last night.  So we had a big family BBQ with all the fixins and topped it off with ice cream cake…when will it end??!  The indulgent food just keeps flowing around here!  Geez!  I’m gonna have to do something different, pronto!  I can run everyday but some dietary changes are definitely necessary…

I have also made it my “mission” to help my hubby get into better shape and he has agreed to follow my lead…right to the ice cream cake…no, kidding!  But seriously, though he wants to start doing some cardio and eating better.  Yay honey!  After all, in the last year I’ve gotten who-knows-what pumped through my body to ensure that I’m around for a long, long time so the least he can do is to make sure he’s here with me, right?!  Yes, so starting this morning we went for a walk for an hour.  We went 4 miles and I took it easy on him!  No running, just a walk…and it was wonderful.  We left Tyler here to babysit and we had such a nice walk…I think a date night needs to be planned pronto!  But with this morning’s walk, it put my weekly mileage total to 48, WOW!  I think it’s been a year since I had that kind of mileage total!  Yay! 

I’m watching all my blog-girls LIVE on the feed from the Healthy Living Summit in Boston right now!!  I wish I could be there and am so proud of the work they are doing.  You go girls!!!  Have a great weekend! 


And ya’ll have a great weekend, too!  Make the most of what’s left of summertime!

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