Sunday, August 9, 2009

Babies & Marathons

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On Friday, we all gathered at Baby View to watch Layne & Brett have their ultrasound!  Be careful when you tell our family to “come watch!’ because we will ALL show up!  Heehee  So while we were all watching very closely and excitedly the tech reveals to us that Ethan is going to have…A BABY BROTHER!!!  We watched as she pointed out all the perfect features the little guy…his little nose, mouth-which was opening and closing!, feet, and toes that he kept curling and uncurling.  So precious!  Babies are such miracles.

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Here is Mama and her Birthday Boy, finding out that he’s getting another baby boy cousin!  What a great present!

At Zachary’s birthday party, my brother Matt and his girlfriend, Charli brought their little one, Mason to visit.  I haven’t seen him since he was born so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him!  He is so sweet.  I could just cuddle with him all day!   

August 09 022

Aunt Erica and Mason

We had the most wonderful day on the river yesterday.  I spent the whole day outside, which I hadn’t done all summer.  Sometimes the heat can make my arm start to ache and, thanks to hot flashes, my personal heat index is like 125* anyway, so I don’t particularly like the heat!  But we took the jet skis out before the day got too busy then came back and layed out and watched the kids swim.  I even got involved in a rather rough game of water football…I thought I may have a black eye today but thankfully, no.  After that we took the boat out and had a great boat ride, during which, I think we all could have fallen asleep!  Everyone was so tired by that point! 

To end the day, we had a “neighborhood” BBQ next door with friends and family and had a wonderful time.  Geez, between the ice cream cake and the spread of food from last night, I am feeling like it was a VERY indulgent weekend!  Um, yeah, you know ice cream cake is my fave!! 

Today Katie and I came home early so that we could start getting back into our routine.  It was waaayyy too hot to run outside this morning, so when I got home I hopped on the treadmill for a half-marathon!  Yep, I did 13.1 miles on the treadmill.  Did it totally drag out??  Oh yeah.  I went through 2 episodes of The View online, some silence, and countless songs.  I walked the last mile, and was so bored and jelly-legged by the time I was done.  It took me 2 hrs and 10 minutes.  But I was proud to do the full distance!  Long runs on Sunday always start my week off on the right foot!

So here’s to a great week for everybody!  We are taking a little trip for a couple of days to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  We are also soaking up all the time we can because this is the last full week before school starts on the 19th.  Oh, and I’ll try to get some birthday pics up after I borrow my sister’s camera to upload them!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!! 


Keri said...

Ok, so let me get this just jumped on your treadmill and thought, "what the heck...I'll run a half marathon"??

It's're my hero! I'm sitting here in Texas wondering if I'll be able to work my way up to 13 miles by January!

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Dang girl, I don't know if I could do 13.1 miles on a treadmill. You are going to ROCK that half marathon when it finally gets here :) Congrats on the baby nephew on the way! Have a great week.

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