Monday, August 17, 2009

I’m A Big Girl Now!

Today had the potential to be a rough one.  Thankfully, that turned out NOT to be the case!  For those of you who know anything about school-age children, you know that you have to be up to date on all immunizations before starting Kindergarten.  So today was the day for Miss Katie!

August 09 005

Thankfully we had some wonderful Lidocaine cream that I use to put on my port before labs and treatment so when I called to make the appointment this morning I asked the nurse if I could use the same thing on Katie.  She said, “Absolutely!”  I considered dipping her whole legs in a bucket of the stuff, just to be sure to get the spot that the needle(s) would go, but she assured me that I didn’t need to go quite that far.  So I compromised and put it on about a palm-sized (MY palm, ha!) place on both thighs, covered them with Press ‘n Seal (like Mommy does) so it soaks in, and off we went!

August 09 002

She said she was a little nervous when we pulled into the clinic; she said her tummy was “sinking down.”  Poor girl.  But she was so brave as she was getting her physical and then the nurse came in with the s-h-o-t-s.  Katie did GREAT!  I was trying to distract her with my phone, but was insistent on watching.  It didn’t even phase her!  She got 4 shots and she didn’t shed a tear until the last one, which stung a little bit…nothing the nurse could do about that though.  4 shots and ONE tear…WOW!  I LOVE this cream!!  Lol     

August 09 003






But she was a very big girl and I am so proud of her!  In celebration she got to pick the ice cream place so we headed to Marble Slab Creamery and everyone got treats!  Cookies ‘n cream for the Katie the Kindergartener, Mint Chocolate Chip for Zach the Middle Schooler, and Butter Pecan with Nestle Crunch pieces for Tyler the 8th Grader.  It was icky hot here today so the ice cream tasted extra good!  I can’t believe school starts in 2 days!

August 09 004








Mrs. LC said...

ahaha love the before and after shots! :)

Hooray for all your big kids!

Anonymous said...

Aww, way to go Katie! You are such a good mom :) I hope all the kiddos have a great first week of school.

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