Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It’s Here!

It’s here!  The first day of school!  New teachers, blank notebooks, and brand new sharpened pencils.  The possibilities for the year are endless!  Excitement was overflowing at our house this morning!  Well, not really, just from Katie.  The boys are totally over the whole fanfare of the first day of school, which I find sad because I remember getting completely psyched up for the first day of school even in high school…but maybe it’s different for a boy, I dunno.  All they are seeing right now is their sleeping in, endless playtime, and no bedtime come to an end for the next 9 months.  But Katie on the other hand is ecstatic!  See:

August 09 019 Um, yeah, she is THAT excited!  And I am so glad because when I saw a few weepy Kindergartners this morning I was so thankful that I had to repeatedly call mine over to me long enough to get a goodbye kiss!  I would much rather it be this way!!  I did get a smile out of Zach,

August 09 015 but I think it was just to humor Mama.  But that’s ok…he’s such a cutie I can hardly stand it!  Tyler on the other hand played the “too cool for this photo session” card:

August 09 018 But that’s ok.  He’s too cool, we all know it. *wink, wink*  He was too cool for the cup of coffee he poured himself this morning, too.  Jack and I were like, “What?!?”  But we went with the whole “caffeine will stunt your growth” line and since he is currently in search of new height for basketball (and girls) he poured out his coffee.  Good thing.  I’m not quite ready for THAT one yet.  Sheesh.  One thing at a time.  I can’t send all 3 of my kids to school on the same day that one of them starts drinking coffee!  What was he thinking?!  Course this is coming from a 31 year old that didn’t start drinking coffee until oh, about 3 years ago or so.

August 09 021 The house has been VERY quiet today.  I have done fine though.  As soon as I got home I promptly changed into my running clothes and left again.  I went to the park and ran 5 miles before coming home and getting cleaned up and having b-fast.  I headed to Lacey’s after that and we put blond highlights in my hair, which was totally fun but now I want them darker.  I paid some bills, had lunch, and vacuumed (since Jack said “the vacuum makes noise” when I was complaining about the house being too quiet).  A hint?  Hmmmm……. ;-)

August 09 023

I’m getting ready to head back into town though and hit the grocery store and check the mail BEFORE I pick up the kids at 3.  I hope they all had a fabulous day and Katie is worn out so she will go to sleep before 10pm tonight! 

August 09 025

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday, it’s halfway til the weekend!  And only 2 more days of school this week!  Yippee!! 

August 09 027 You know what’s funny?!  I played on this same merry-go-round when I was in elementary school!  Geez, yeah, it’s that old!  LOL

*Please forgive the overly-Katie pictured post.  My boys forbid me to take my camera into the middle school or to take pictures of them after we left the house!  But our little princess, on the other hand, was all about it!


Anonymous said...

Haha, those boys are too cool ;-)

I prayed for you this morning, I hope the day has gone well for you. I'm sure all the kids will be worn out from the first day :)

Mrs. LC said...

I love that Katie was all about her first day of school! Haha, I was definitely one of those weepy kindergartners when I was that age!

And coffee?? What!?!? It amazes me when I'm out and about and see parents with their kids, some still young enough to fit in the shopping cart seat with starbucks frozen coffee beverages in their hands!! Seriously?!?! Obvi. your kids aren't that young, but still - glad you pulled the "stunt your growth" card!

Love you!!!

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