Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh The Places You'll Go!


If you could only hear the song I just downloaded you would understand! I am literally laughing my butt off at this song...OMGosh, is all I have to say... OK, so for the big reveal: "Rockin' The Beer Gut" by Trailer Choir. Absolutely ridiculous and hilarious!!

Completely inappropriate, yes.
Kinda embarrassed that I just bought it on iTunes, yes.
But one of those songs that will make you crack up, oh yes!

I was buying some new tunes because during yesterday's run (more on that in a sec) I ran of out music. I needed a few new songs that I had been meaning to buy and saw this "beer gut" song and was strangely intrigued...why? I have no idea. But the rest was history. Well, the song wasn't really worth the $0.99, but the laugh was!

Anyway, yesterday I had my RunKeeper on (FABULOUS!) so I didn't want to stop and pause, look for music, then get the picture. So my last 30 minutes were silent. Darn it for not making a longer playlist. But you'd think that 90 minutes would be long enough...but totally not!! Yesterday I did my longest outdoor run that I have done in probably 2 years?? I'm guessing, but it's been a while. I got up at 5am so I could have my java & Jesus time (yep, still loving it) and I headed out around 6am. I was like the Energizer bunny, I just kept going, and going, and get the picture. Ended up running 12 MILES!!!! Here's my stats from RunKeeper:

Start Time 6:05 am
End Time 8:06 am
Duration 2:00:32
Distance 12.00 mi
Avg. Pace 10:00 per mi
Avg. Speed 5.97 mph
Climbed 477 ft

I am beyond stoked! I wish that the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon was sooner than MARCH! Because I'm ready NOW! But the timing will give me plenty of time to work on my speed, and to build mileage so that it feels even easier!

Before I go out for a run I pray that God would guide and protect me, and that He would be my breath and my pace. I have even asked Him to lace up His gold running shoes and run with me, and I promise you that there have been runs when I have felt His presence every second. It is also my prayer that somehow He will be glorified by the desire and ability to run that He has given me. I'm kinda excited where that could lead!

Wow, the places a post will take you! We started with a song about beer guts on ladies and finished with glorifying God...hmmmm. Maybe should've split this into 2 posts! But, I don't want to overwhelm ya'll with 2 posts in one day, so we'll just leave it as is.

Have a fabulous start to your work week, friends~ Love ya'll!


Mrs. LC said...

Disney Princess Half-Marathon in March = you'll be in FLORIDA in March = we should meet!!!!! I'll be further from Orlando by then (moving next week) but I'd totally come by to see you! :)

Haha or maybe I could teach myself how to run again and run the half with ya? lol that mayyyy be pushing it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm going to have to look up that song! Sounds hilarious. Glad you have had some good God time. I've had days when I've forgotten my iPod but ended up having a great conversation ;-)

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