Friday, January 18, 2013

Week In Review

It’s bad that I had to break out my calendar in order to write a post about our week.  I really can’t remember what all has gone on!  My brain is crap.

Speaking of which, I read a study the other day that talked about how “Early Surgical Menopause Linked to Early Cognitive Decline.”  Umm, hello?!  Breast cancer with chemo and all the fixins’ at age 30, PLUS a complete hysterectomy at age 31…double whammy. 

Anyway, back to my week.

The flu has been rampant around here, along with another stomach virus that is wreaking havoc.  Tyler is the only one to come down with it so far in our house, and of course on Monday it peaked-and Tuesday was game day.  First round of conference tournament and he felt like total crap.  Of course I didn’t think he needed to play, but he wouldn’t hear of it.  There is no way he was NOT going to be on the court.  He gutted it out, but we lost by one stinking point.  The ONLY bright spot is that it has given him the rest of the week to get better and he’s good to go now.  Next game-another conference tournament on Monday.  Go Bulldogs!

2013-01-18 0011

Wednesday we headed back to the foot doc with Zach.  We were really hopeful that he would be ready to be put in a boot and get this darn cast off, but after the x-rays, no such luck. Sad smile  He was so disappointed.  BUT, the doctor said that definitely a boot in two weeks, for sure.  Yay!!  I know he will be SO happy to get this cast off and get rid of the crutches.  He’s been such a trooper though.
2013-01-18 001

Also this week the shop rubble has been cleaned up.  All that’s left is the concrete slab where the shop once stood. IMG_7765

But hooray for new beginnings, because just this morning, they poured the new concrete floor for the new shop!  We don’t waste any time around here.  The plan is for a christening party to be held in a week or so. 

I’ve been running on my treadmill every day this week, except yesterday (Thursday) when I did the Fitnessista’s walking workout that she had posted on her blog.  I did it twice and it was a killer!  But in a good way. Winking smile IMG_7788


I found out what happens when you’re eating chips and salsa and your boobs stick out further than you’re used to.  Oops!



My beautiful and amazing Momma was on the news last night-that’s her in the background-


She was there with other healthcare leaders meeting with Gov. Jay Nixon.  She said she didn’t know she was going to be up on the podium with him!  Pshh, that’s exactly where she belongs!  She’s adorable.  And pretty awesome. Smile

But the highlight of my week may be the group text that we had going last night between myself, my two sisters, Layne and Jessica, and our Mom.  It was like we were all sitting in the living room together, chatting and laughing away!  It was so great.  I wish we could all be together more often. 

Best part of our convo was trying to explain to Mom what “duck lips” are when doing self-photography.  Girls, please don’t kill me…hey, I put mine on here too!

2013-01-18 0012

Oh my word, I am seriously laughing out loud right now!!!  Open-mouthed smile

Ok, seriously, nothing can possibly top this, so I’m going to stop now.

Hope y’all had a great week!



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