Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“Boot” Is A Beautiful Word

How about an update on my Zach’s broken foot

Since the odor coming from Zach’s cast had us a little concerned last week, I took him to the doctor a week early so they could investigate and make sure his foot wasn’t rotting off inside his cast.

Sure enough…kidding, kind of.

2013-01-25 001

The smell was from a very sweaty 15-year old BOY foot sitting inside a cast…duh.  But his foot had sweat so much that it was starting to look like it had been sitting in a bathtub for a week.  A bathtub of sweat.  I promise you that I had to keep from gagging while I was sitting in the exam room. Blech!

But it was all good news from there, as the doc decided to go ahead and do his x-ray a week early and he determined that Zach was ready for a BOOT!!!!  No.more.cast.  Thank You, Jesus.

Zach’s first steps of 2013!

2013-01-25 0011

We left with a happy boy and a happy momma!  Now on to more healing!


PS-And seriously, I know this has nothing to do with a broken foot, but it DOES have something to do with raising boys… Truth. IMG_7810

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