Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 & Another Injury

After a pretty non-existent December for me [blog-wise], I woke up on January 1, 2013 ready to write a post. 

A post filled with all our Christmas goings on and such, and quick updates on how everything was going around here.

That was now 3 days ago.  And here I am.  First post of twenty-thirteen.  Yay me. 


I am just having such a hard time getting it together!  Even now, I’m HOPING that I finish this post before I have to start making the boys’ team dinner and before we leave for the game tonight!  I need to start dinner around in about 30 minutes…and, GO!

Christmas 2012 was wonderful!  It was filled with family and friends and FOOD!  And basketball, and snow, but those didn’t fit into my “f” things.

2012-12-26 001


2012-12-26 0011


2012-12-26 0012


2012-12-26 0013


2013-01-01 001


ANDDDDD…..on that “both my boys starting Varsity” note…

On New Year’s Eve, Zachary was playing X Box Football at a friend’s house.  During all the jumping around and playing, he landed funny on his foot and has us come pick him up around 10pm because his foot really hurt.  He hobbled around on it on New Year’s Day, and was still really gimpy on Wednesday morning.  I had appointments in STL all day so I asked my mom to take him down to our foot doctor [who we love].  I received this picture as we were leaving my plastic surgeon’s office-


With a text that said, “My foot is broke.”

Whaaaaaa?!?!  I could NOT believe it.  I never dreamed it was BROKEN!  I thought he probably just twisted it funny, and tweaked a ligament or tendon or something…but broken?!  No way. 

Yes way.  Broken clean through the bone that runs along the outside of the foot (5th met. bone), and in a cast for six weeks. Sad smile  He’s on crutches and hobbling around here best he can, but it clearly sucks.  I hate it for him so much.  My poor baby!

As per usual, we’ve been focusing on the positive: x-rays show that his growth plates are not fused together yet and doc estimates that by the time he is done growing (which is not anytime soon!), he will be in a size 13 shoe (!!) and that he will be MUCH taller.  Also, he is pretty happy about not having to put away any of his clean laundry while he is on the DL, and doesn’t have to unload the dishwasher, take out the trash, OR fill up the wood stove outside.  See?  Positives. Winking smile

Ok, my 30 minutes are WAYYYY up, but I’ve managed to get team dinner all but packed up and loaded in the car.  I’ll update again when I can.

Why don’t ya just give someone you love a big ol’ HUG today?  Bet it’ll make their day, and maybe yours too. 

God bless.


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