Monday, January 21, 2013


Happy MLK Day! 

Do you have the day off work/school??  I am SO happy that we do!  It’s always so nice not to have the usual morning pressures of getting everybody up, ready, and off to school…just a nice laid-back morning.  Ahhhh…

I have had amazing runs back-to-back yesterday and this morning. 

2013-01-21 001

Sunday- Half Marathon (13.1 miles)!!!!!!!  My longest distance since my surgery on October 22…which was 13 weeks ago today.  I added the “1” in the picture above since the treadmill doesn’t show it when you get to 100 minutes and beyond.

Monday- 7 easy miles

I do all my runs at 1% incline to try to add a little resistance in my effort to mimic outdoor running as much as possible.  Something I found super interesting for my treadmill-loving self, is a chart I found on Skinny Runner’s blog the other day, it’s a treadmill conversion chart.  Check this out:


So if I average 6.5 mph on my treadmill, by leaving it set at an 1% incline, it’s more like I’m running a 9:09 pace effort rather than a 9:14 pace.  You can click above for the link.  Pretty cool!

In other news, things are moving right along on our new shop building!  All the debris and rubble was cleaned up last week and then a new concrete floor was poured on Friday.  This morning (Monday), the structure for the metal building started going up.  

2013-01-21 0011

We don’t waste any time, y’all!

It’s time to get ready for ballgames today.  We may have the day off school, but another conference tournament starts this week and the Bulldogs are craving a win!  Let’s go!

Health reminders- Have you scheduled your annual mammogram/physical/other yearly visits??  Keep on top of your health, friends!  It is so important.




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