Monday, October 3, 2011

Last Long Run & Rams Go PINK!

Hey guys!  Time to start another week!  How’s your Monday been treating you so far??

I started this week off with my last long long run before the St. Louis Rock N Roll Marathon October 23.  Last week I peaked at 20 miles for my long run, so today I was just shooting to get as close to 20 as possible, just to do what felt good. 

Well, turned out nothing felt good today-other than the cool temps-but some runs are just like that.  Today was just a pure mind-over-matter, gut-it-out run.  It felt like a long 16 miles. 

AND, it turns out that my stats are all jacked up because I accidently hit my start button once I was in my car and drove a mile towards home, so a few things aren’t exactly correct but at least I can see my pacing and important things like heart rate.

Here goes:2011-10-03_1330garmin

I just left the Lap 17 line off.  I know my watch said 2:33: something as I finished the 16 miles…but I’m laughing at my max speed 55.5 mph!  WOAH!!  I was SMOKIN’!!  LOL~

One thing I can appreciate about this run-other than the fact that it’s probably my last double digit run until the marathon-is my steady pacing.  I am tickled with my ability to hold a pretty even pace the majority of the time. 

So YESTERDAY we did something very fun and different!!  Since it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day across the NFL my doctor called to offer us tickets to the St. Louis Rams game on behalf of Siteman! We have never been to a professional football game before! 

It was a great atmosphere and a great experience, with TONS OF PINK!!!  Love.

Jack and I both said we will have to bring the kids (especially the boys) back to a game.  They would really love it.

Pre-game and sporting our UnderArmour Power In Pink gear:


Pre-game stuff:


Retired jerseys for the Rams.  They only one I really know is Marshall Faulk:


WooHoo!  Check out that pink ribbon on the field!


Yes, breast cancer is a crucial catch!  Ladies, get your mammograms and remember to check yourselves!!


More pre-game.  Wish I knew more about football, but sadly, I don’t.Winking smile


More PINK!!


Rams Cheerleaders and breast cancer survivors line up on the field:


My survivor sister, Ashley, and I :


Game action:


Ashley, our amazing doctor Julie Margenthaler, and I posing for a quick picture at halftime:


We had a great time yesterday!  However, we were happy to get home too, so we could root for our Cardinals in the playoffs!



The sports continues tonight as we are traveling to watch some more Jr. High boys basketball.  Let’s go Bulldogs!

Love you guys Sun


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