Art On The Run 10k Recap

Other possible titles for this post:

  • Sister Time
  • A Great Way To Start The Weekend
  • The Speed Returns
  • Starting The Month Off With A Bang
  • The Only Way For Me To Start Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Yes I had a hard time trying to decide which of these titles to use for this post, as they all fit perfectly!

But here’s the story:

On Wednesday I heard about a 10k run in PB that takes place every year (what?!) on the first Saturday in October.  I was immediately interested (Duh.) and called my sister to see if she wanted to meet up and do it.  My sister, Jessica, just got into running again back at the beginning of the summer.  She has done so great, logging long runs up to 9 MILES!! 

After calling her and being so excited (for the race and the opportunity to see her) Jessa did not hesitate in telling me, “Sure!  I’ll do it with you!”

Now-she may have hesitated later, but not at that moment.Winking smile

So we met up this morning and joined about 130 other walkers and runners to put in our 6.2 miles.  The weather was picture perfect and the company was even better.  I was trying to get in a medal position (top 3 in each age division medal) so I lined up at the front and promptly at 9am, we were on our way.

The run was an out and back course and took us along the old brick streets of PB for a little while (FYI, running on bricks sucks) and through different residential areas before heading back to finish at the start line in front of the art museum.  What really took me by surprise was how hilly the course was!  It felt like we were constantly going uphill!  Not cool.

I maintained a fast pace throughout the whole run.  I was surprised at how well my body was handling the speed because I really haven’t pushed to do any kind of speed work since I’ve had minor injury after minor injury. 

I was surprised and STOKED when I saw the finish line clock at 53:19 at the end!!!! 

Here’s how it broke down:    


I cannot remember when I have run so fast.  Seriously, to average 7mph is amazing for me!  And that 10.3mph sprint at the finish was me trying to beat guy that I know and stayed with most of the race today…he got me by like, 1/100 of a second, dang!  HeeheeSmile with tongue out

Oh-and I missed getting a medal by 6 seconds.  My oldest and smarty pants son said, “Well, Mom, don’t you think you could have run 6 seconds faster?”  Ahem.  I’m taking his truck keys. Winking smile

After Jessa finished, she did GREAT by the way, we just walked around and drank water like it was our job, then said our goodbyes and each headed home to wash off the salt and sweat.



It was a great run and a great morning with my sister!  I will be putting the first Saturday in October on my calendar from now on to do ART ON THE RUN.

This was a great way to start a new month…and BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, at that!

Tomorrow: St. Louis Rams game, tickets from my doctor to celebrate everything PINK!!!!!!  So excited!!!IMG_3172

Have a blessed day, friends!

And Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!!  Love you, Dad!! Birthday cake



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