“Katie’s First Trip To The Zoo” AKA-What Happens When You Have More Than One Child

So I guess I’m going to go from no post in three weeks, to multiple posts in one day (Lord willing)…confused yet? 


We had a great weekend in St. Louis this past weekend. It is like our second home and a city that holds a special place in our hearts.  In case you don’t know this about the STL, there is an amazing Zoo!  And it’s free!  Yay!! 

Well after trying to decide what kind of fun we were going to get into on Saturday, we mentioned going to the Zoo and Katie says, “That would be SO FUN!  I’ve never been to the Zoo!”

[complete silence as Jack and I glanced at each other in disbelief]

Jack: “What sissy?  You’ve never been to the Zoo??”

Katie: “Nope!  And I want to go SOOOOOOO bad!  I want to see all the animals!!”

Me:  “Honey are you SURE we’ve never taken you to the Zoo here before?”

This conversation went on for a few minutes until we decided that our 7-year old was right, we have never taken her to the Zoo.  Who knew?!  We have taken the boys several times, and I guess we just assumed she’d been there, too?  I dunno.

See, this is what happens when you have more than one child. 

The first one gets everything- the scrapbook is complete, the school pictures were always hung up, meals were perfectly balanced, and he was enrolled in every activity known to man. 

When the second one comes along things get a little more hectic but still manageable- the pictures make it TO the scrapbook just not necessarily IN it, you don’t always find out when he’s outgrown clothes until he goes to leave for school with high waters on, breakfast is definitely cereal, and we become a little choosy with extracurriculars. 

After the third one is born all semblance of normalcy goes out the window- “what scrapbook? Oh wait, we have to have PICTURES for that!”, we forgo fun activities because just getting all of us to leave the house at once is a MAJOR expedition (See ya later, Disney On Ice!), and you can forget about the school pictures at this point…all three kids’ 8x10s are in the drawer in the kitchen.  They are SO CUTE!!  But you will just have to take my word for it. Winking smile

So, yes, Katie has never been to the Zoo.  Are you really surprised?  After some thought, neither were we.

So here are some PICTURES from “Katie’s first trip to the Zoo”  <----which is what she wrote on the folder of pictures that she took to school this morning.  Oy vey.

Oh- and no we didn’t forget Tyler (although that’s probably hard to believe, especially after this post), but he had to take the ACT on Saturday morning so he didn’t get to go. Sad smile

Elijah (our “adopted” son and Zach’s buddy), Katie, and Zach:





Katie liked the flamingos because they were pink.  Of course!


And the penguins because they were cute.  I liked them because the penguin house felt like a freezer.  A menopausal woman’s dream.  While everyone else was grabbing for their jackets, I was breathing in deep and could have fallen fast asleep.










So we can successfully cross that off our “lists”…Katie now HAS been to the Zoo.  I probably should go through Tyler’s scrapbook and see what other fun things we did with him that they other two have missed out on. Winking smile



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