Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Brayden

SOOOOO…..I am totally fighting the urge to take a nap right now!  I LOVE getting up at 5am, but after my quiet time, getting kids off to school, my run, shower, and breakfast, put me in a quiet house with nothing but the dryer running and I…could….just….snooze…. 

But I won’t right this second, promise;-) 

I had another glorious run outside today. I LOVE it when the weather is so great and I can get outside.  I can’t do it every day because of the bone/joint pain that the pavement pounding causes me (the treadmill is much more forgiving), but it’s so great to mix it up and little and have the sun shining down on my face.  Yep love it. 

MILE 1 9:05
MILE 2 9:00
MILE 3 9:06
MILE 4 9:11
MILE 5 9:31
MILE 6 9:55



AVG PACE: 9:19/mile

After Tyler’s dentist appointment and grocery run yesterday, the kids and I headed to my sister Jessica’s and got some quality time with her and Brayden (and Jason too).  Brayden is soooo sah-weet and I could just snuggle him forever!  He’s 3 1/2 months old already and smiles so much and constantly acts like he wants to run somewhere…hmmmmmm, wonder where he gets that?!  Aunt Erica’s influence?!  Um yes, I think so;-)


Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?  His Momma’s pretty cool, too, if you ask me;-)

“I will remember the LORD’s works; yes, I will remember You ancient wonders.  I will reflect on all You have done.”  Psalm 77:11-12


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