Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fits Her To A T(ball)

So Katie’s t-ball season is in full swing!  She LOVES playing t-ball so much.  Of course, she is Miss Social Butterfly so any kind of group interaction with other kids and she just lights up;-)

We have 5 t-ball teams in our town.  Rather than play other towns, the teams all stay local and play each other.  Which we parents appreciate GREATLY, especially when you have two other children who DO travel with their teams.  So each team has 8 games and Katie has already had 3 of hers, with numbers 4 & 5 to still come this week. 

Here are some shots of our t-ball star princess:

In the dugout, ready to play!April2010 005April2010 021 

Getting ready at her position at pitcher:April2010 026 

It is truly organized chaos with this many kids ages 4-1st grade!  But so fun and too cute!April2010 028  

Katie and her friend Courtney:April2010 008

Katie on deck:April2010 011 

1st time at bat:April2010 013

On first:April2010 018

And she SCORES!!April2010 041 

Does it get any cuter than this?!  I mean, seriously:April2010 020

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OH, and we need to break for a moment so I can tell you that my Tyler has his first girlfriend…wow.  Erika is such a sweetheart and we’ve known her forever so this is really no surprise, but it seriously is a shock to see your baby boy-err-I mean almost high school son, walking to your car after school holding a girl’s hand.  A girl that isn’t HIS MAMA!  But they are both active in the youth group at church, in fact I believe this is where “love” blossomed;-), both very active in sports, and just all around good kids.  Oh, and she plays with Katie a lot, so Katie is probably more smitten with her than Tyler…maybe ;-) 

April2010 048

And of course Dad had to get in the picture for a little embarrassment!  It was priceless…hilarious!  But I made him get up before he embarrassed Tyler (or Erika) any more:-)April2010 047

Have a wonderful Wednesday, lovelies!


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I think it's funny how Tyler's girlfriend is named Erika ;-)

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