Monday, April 26, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite [Pescatarian] Things

Hey!  How’s Monday treatin’ ya??  I hope your week is starting off wonderfully:-)

We have yet another full one here with baseball games, tball games, an orthodontist appointment, and a class field trip.  Whew.  I think I got it all…hopefully nothing will slip through the cracks!  I can’t believe the school year is almost over.  I am SOOOO ready for summer vacation!

So I mentioned briefly in my last post that I have been eating a pescatarian diet for a little while now…my kids still call it vegetarian, and that’s fine, probably better.  I mean, can you see Katie announcing to her Kindergarten class, “My mom’s a pescatarian.”  I would imagine I would get more than a few questions and possibly a few phone calls.  Not in a negative way mind you, just in a what-the-heck-are-you-talking-about way.  Being that we live on the border of the Midwest and the South, we are predominantly meat and potato eaters ‘round here.  And that’s great, it’s the way I was raised!  But I have come to prefer food that look like the colors of the rainbow.  Now, doesn’t that sound happy?  :-)

Foods that look like this:003And this:   006And my favorite use for the spinach (which I normally buy organic spinach but I ran out and had to settle) is the Green Monster.  And yes, it’s capitalized because it actually has it’s own website, hehe;-)  I tried making a GM a year ago and almost gagged!  And my hubby made quite a bit of fun of me for trying to drink it.  But NOW for some reason it’s completely different.  For my Green Monster, I blend in the blender:

1 cup organic fat-free milk

1/2 organic frozen banana

2 cups spinach

1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Grass Superfood

1 cup crushed ice

There are a TON of different  combinations to make your own GM, you are only limited by your imagination…well, and your taste buds.  But I have been drinking one a day for the last 3 weeks or so and I have gone through a butt load of spinach noticed my energy levels have increased, my complexion is glowy, and my cravings for anything processed and icky are completely gone.  Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I had a cookie, cake, any kind of processed food.  It’s incredible, really.  And oh the antioxidants I’m getting!  Yessss!

Another fave thing: Nutritional Yeast Powder.  I first read about the benefits of NYP on Gina’s blog over at The Fitnessista, and how it is beneficial for vegetarians especially because of it’s great source of B vitamins and protein.  It’s tastes cheesy and is good sprinkled on top of many things, but my favorite is air popped popcorn…it’s tastes like parmesan cheese, ooooh so goooood!007Something else that I used to not be a fan of: hummus.  Seriously, I just used to wonk on the texture of the stuff, now it’s my fave veggie dip and sandwich spread.  Who am I??  This spicy version is my current love.  That stuff in the middle, yeah, it will set your mouth on fi-yah!  So delish!!012

And what is the common link between: the bottom of my purse, my glove box in my car, my kitchen and overnight bags?  If you guessed the Larabar you’re right!  I L-O-V-E these all natural fruit and nut bars.  They come in many flavors, and my favorite (but not pictured) is Peanut Butter & Jelly!  OMGosh.  Tastes just like a PB&J sammie…well, almost.  So good!  I must remember to stock up on my next trip to STL!  Nowhere close has the PB&J flavah I crave:-(009

So have I completely weirded you out?!  For those of you who have known me forever, are you wondering who I am?!  LOL~  Don’t be alarmed…it’s all good.  I am just improving my diet to be the healthiest “ME” I can be.  I am doing a lot of reading and research and trying to make the best use of my nutrition.  After surgery, chemo, and radiation I feel “clean.”  And I want to do everything in my power to stay that way. 

I could go on for pages about this and I will touch more on it in bits and pieces, as new products and such come up.  But I wanted to share with you a powerful statement that I read in a devotional this weekend about FAITH:

“Genuine faith puts a letter in the mailbox and lets go.  Distrust, however, holds on to a corner of the envelope and then wonders why the answer never arrives.” –from Streams In The Desert 

W-O-W.  Love it!  We MUST trust God to handle it all.  We can’t give it to Him and expect Him to deal with it while we are still hanging on to it and carrying it around.

“Faith is being…certain of what we do not see.”  Hebrews 11:1



Mrs. LC said...

girlfriend, that quote needs to be plastered to my forehead right now. seriously!!!

love you and your colorful, pescatarian diet. :) we need to catch up sometime! i've barely had time to read (let alone write) blogs, and definitely have NOT been able to blog about everything going on in life lately. oy!

love you!

Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

I love this post! So glad you are finding the foods that make you feel your best :)

I love that quote too, I have been holding onto the corner of some envelopes for too long now and I think I'm finally starting to let go and let God take care of it. Thanks for sharing!

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