Saturday, June 20, 2009

Feelin' Hormonal

Well I can officially count down my treatments on ONE HAND!! I only have 5 Herceptin treatments left until I am finished! YAY!!! Yesterday was infusion 12 of 17 and everything went great. Thank you all so much for your prayers. There is nothing like walking into a dr's office knowing that the LORD walks before you, clearing your path. Our visit with the dr went great; he was very proud of his patient for being the 4th Survivor to finish in last Saturday's race! My labs were perfect, too. All my counts are finally starting to look normal and stay normal post-chemo and radiation. Yesterday's visit with him was all about hormones...

He agreed that a hysterectomy is the best way to eliminate the hormones, but REALLY wants to wait on the surgery until Herceptin is over. ...sigh... He thinks it would probably be fine, but doesn't want anything to mess up the H schedule. We've stayed on track perfectly so far and with being so close to being done, he wants to keep it that way. Understood. In praying for this appointment, I prayed that God would make it very clear what He wants me to do regarding this surgery. Either open the door wide, or slam it shut. [slam!] Gotcha. Loud and clear. And thank you, LORD for making so obvious that even I could get it! So after H yesterday I received a shot of a drug that completely shuts down my ovaries, also eliminating the hormones. I will receive it once every three months (in my stomach...ouch!!) until I have surgery, which after October, can be whenever I choose. Then in 3 weeks when I go back he will start me on another type of anti-estrogen in pill form. So let the hot flashes begin! My nurse said I could probably expect to have "menopausal symptoms" next week...fantastic! Bright spot: no periods! Haha, yeah I know you're jealous! ;-) You know me, I'm a bright-side kinda girl!

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My day wasn't all happy though because while I was on the 7th floor doing my thing, a friend of mine was on the 5th floor just beginning her journey. Her road is much like mine, only with a different type of surgery that will give her the healthiest, most beautiful ta~tas a girl could ask for. So if ya'll wouldn't care to keep her in your prayers, I know that she would appreciate it and be strengthened by each and every one of them. <3>

I hope ya'll have a fun and relaxing weekend planned! We are at our cabin on the river for a couple of days. Summertime has officially arrived here in the midwest...temps here this week were in the mid-upper 90s with the best humidity a person could ask for! Yeah, it's the midwest...the summertime air is just thick. Perfect time to be at the river! Later all!

(group hug!)


Mrs. LC said...

I feel ya on the humidity - with humidity it's in the 100s here, yuck.

I'm so glad that your appointment went well and that God has made your next steps clear. :) Keep stayin' a bright-sided kinda girl! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are continuing to go well for you and I always enjoy your bright-sidedness. I will pray for your friend.

Its been very hot and humid here too, my 5k on Saturday made me realize running in the winter and spring ain't so bad, haha.

Have a great day!

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