Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catching Up

So I have not totally fallen off the face of the earth, in case you were wondering!!

I have merely been enjoying my kids first full week of summer vacation, and all the wonderfulness that having them at home with me all day brings. I think I look forward to summer vacation as much as the kids do! Three months of no schedule (not the daily kind anyway), pretty lax bedtimes, fun river time, and many Cardinals games on TV...ahhhh heaven!

So everything here is going very well with us. I had my 11th of 17 Herceptin treatments this past Friday. My labs were perfect and everything is going great with that. I go back on the 19th for #12....getting closer and closer to that 17 mark!! New development as of today is that I have scheduled my hysterectomy for June 24th. I am very "excited" to get this done for two reasons:

  1. Since it is the ovaries which produce the hormones that fed my breast cancer, it takes those completely out of the picture. No surgery would have meant either anti-estrogen pills for the rest of my life, or radiation ablation of the ovaries to kill them, basically.
  2. A hysterectomy also takes away the risk (albeit small) of ovarian or uterine cancer in the future. I think once you deal with a cancer diagnosis, you become very proactive and preventive-minded...at least I have.

Add to it the fact that we knew we were done having kids before any of this even started, so future fertility is not an issue for us, THANK YOU LORD! It is really a no-brainer for us. I feel very good about the fact that I am making this decision, and am in control. I am making the choice for my future to do all that I can to ensure that I never have to deal with breast cancer again, and as a "bonus" am taking a scary diagnosis of ovarian or uterine cancer out of the picture forever. Yay!

So I know the recovery stinks. But like everything else, is totally doable! I talked to my dr last night and he said that I will do basically nothing for like 2 weeks...2 WEEKS! Around week 3 I can start walking, slowly. Maybe by week 6 I can start jogging, and possibly week 8, running. So I may lose my mind not being able to run for soooo long, but I will survive. I will enjoy my time off and come back better than ever!

So that's about it for now...I'm going to kick back and watch the rest of this ballgame then head to bed, or maybe not! I LOVE the fact that it is 830pm and still light outside!! I hope ya'll have a wonderful evening <3>


Mrs. LC said...

I've missed you girl, but it sounds like you've been busy and having fun with those sweet kiddos of yours!

You are always inspirational, including in the way that you are taking control of your health, your body, and your life. Way to be proactive! And praise God you guys were already done having children.

Stay strong sweet lady!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica, thanks for the update! Sounds like you are doing great. I wish everyone who has even been dealt a scary diagnosis would read your blog, you are always so upbeat and positive.

My mom had a hysterectomy probably about 10 or so years ago because her mother died of ovarian cancer and she had some other issues going on herself, so it really nipped that in the bud. I'm glad you are comfortable with your decision. Her recovery was great too! As much as you have been through, I'm sure the few weeks you have to take it easy will just fly by ;-)

Hooray for Summer! Because of all the bad weather we've had here over the winter, today is actually the last day of school, isn't that crazy? Have a good one! Love ya :)

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