I’m tellin’ ya, we’ve had a good dose of it the past week or so!


[this is from my in-laws’ suburban. it always hung from the rearview mirror.]

A week ago today, my in-laws were involved in a car accident that left all of us shaken and, in the end, very thankful.  To say that they are both living miracles is an understatement. 


On their way home from a orthopedic appointment for my MIL’s knee, a propane truck came across four lanes of traffic without stopping, and t-boned my MIL and FIL’s suburban directly in the driver’s side door.  Their car then spun around and plowed into a sign post, into the passenger side back door.


My FIL took the brunt of the impact.  After being flown to the hospital, it was determined that he had a broken fibula in his leg and torn tendons as well.  And all this was all exposed…meaning, hanging out of his leg.  *shudders*  The majority of his injuries were to his lower left leg.  Of course, his arm, elbow, shoulder, everything on his left side took a blow giving him cuts and scrapes as well.  He had surgery immediately to put his leg back together.  Get this-by the SAME orthopedist that they had just seen for my MIL’s knee and is actually doing her knee surgery today (Mon. March 4).


[taken while in the hospital to receive his antibiotics]

My MIL was also taken to the hospital, but by ambulance…no air-time for her. Winking smile  After CT scans showed that she didn’t have any injuries, she was released.  BUT, she still had a non-functioning knee (which she had just been to the doctor for), so she was still using the wheelchair to get around.  Since the accident, her orthopedist has scheduled an MRI for her right shoulder because she can’t move it at all without extreme pain…he thinks that the accident has probably caused some soft tissue damage there that wasn’t picked up by the CT the day of the accident.  She is banged up and bruised up as well, but extremely fortunate.


[having lunch together at the hospital]

They came home on their 40th wedding anniversary
.  Wow.  What a way to spend it, right? 

You betcha.  They spent it at home, together.  As I was updating my Facebook status to reflect this,


I was hit with the thought that this status could have very well meant something different, under different circumstances.  They could very well have been celebrating their anniversary together in their heavenly home.  They would have been celebrating, and we would have been here-grieving and devastated.

I am so beyond thankful that they are HERE, at their earthly home, with us still.  We are all praising Jesus for His protection over them.  I KNOW He had them in the palm of His hand during that accident…it could have been, it should have been, so much worse.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Father.

Today, my MIL is going for arthroscopic surgery on her knee, and will be scheduling her MRI for her shoulder.  Other than that, she is getting around pretty good!  My FIL is also recovering…as much as his leg will allow.  They are both unimaginably sore.  {And a praise from the week before the accident-his cancer is in check and even showed some shrinkage from previous scans, which means his medicine is working!!!}

We don’t know why these things happen.  We just have to trust God’s plan and believe that HE’S GOT THIS.  No matter what, no matter where, no matter how.  He is THERE. 

I know He has a purpose in all that we all go through.

Please keep our family in your prayers as my in-laws recover and heal.  Please praise Him for His protection over them, and His amazing love for all of us.

Love you guys.


PS- Check out my friend Jenna’s testimony on She Reads Truth today…it’s beautiful, just like her.



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