Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Workout Fillers

What I should be doing right now:  laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and getting more Christmas decorations out of storage.

What I AM doing right now: trying to peel off acrylic fingernails and reading blogs.  Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t do that too. Winking smile  I’ll get to the other stuff, eventually.

What I am NOT doing right now: RUNNING.  It’s officially been 14 days, 2 hours, and 12 13 minutes since I’ve last ran a step.  I’m hanging in there pretty good, but I’ll admit that I have wanted to throw all doctor’s orders out the window on more than one occasion (Sorry, Tim).  But I have managed to hold off for two whole weeks.  Every time I start to whine about it I just say to myself, “But it’s not cancer!!”  And that makes me smile…and go back to my other workouts of choice.

Which, by the way, have been pretty good fillers!  I read about Extreme Burn on Clare’s blog the other day, and since I was looking for another DVD-type workout to add to my rotation, I bought it and downloaded it.


The verdict?

I really like it!  Well, I like it less as I’m getting my rear handed to me after a little while, but it’s a really great workout!  I’m really glad I bought it. 

So between the new Extreme Burn DVD, my Jeanette Jenkins’ Cardio Kickboxing DVD, JJ Cardio Sculpt, and another 30 minute cardio-blast download, I have a pretty good rotation going on right now.  It’s not running but it’ll do. Smile  I’m sweating my butt off during every one of these workouts so they are doing the trick I’d say.  That, and the fact that my family hasn’t disowned me (yet) are good signs of a good workout for me.


I’m going to go figure out what’s for dinner on this game day – GO BULLDOGS! – and maybe tackle some of that laundry.  Maybe.Winking smile


Later, guys.


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