Doctor Day

Hey guys :-)

How was your Friday?? Mine was good. We went to STL yesterday because I had early appts this morning and by going up yesterday it saved us from getting at like 4am...and it also gave us a little bit of mall time ;-) I have no fabulous purchases to report, though, all I bought was some dark chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva and a nonfat mocha latte from Starbucks. Yeah, it was that kind of trip.

Last night we met up with some friends who are also there for dr stuff and we all headed to dinner on The Hill in STL. The Hill is known for it's authentic Italian cuisine and has I got the mahi mahi (which I've never had before, and it was fabulous), fresh spinach, and roasted fingerling potatoes, and homemade chocolate gelato for dessert. OMGosh. It was all wonderful!

Today's first appointment involved this: This is the brand spanking new Siemens Espree breast MRI machine. The last time I had a breast MRI was shortly after my diagnosis in September 08 and it was a standard MRI tube with holes for, um, yeah, you guessed it and I had to lay on my belly with one arm straight out so the iv didn't get kinked up (an iv for the contrast solution). It took about 45 minutes and was very the end of it, my arm and hand were numb.

TODAY WAS MUCH BETTER! This machine is designed for the breast MRI, with extra padding for the arms and shoulders, and face opening with a hole in it kinda like a massage table. AND to make it even better, the test now takes only 25 minutes! Awesome! But the MRI is the highest of the high of breast imaging technology, so high in fact, that it actually has a higher rate of false positives. But it's totally worth it to me to catch something before it actually becomes something, or can even be detected on a mammogram.

BEST PART: My dr just called, just this very second as I am typing and said that my results were PERFECT!!!!!!! Praise God!!! So this means no more imaging "stuff" until my mammogram in August, Lord willing.

The other appointment I had today with with my new cardiologist. My oncologist wanted me to see her because of my consistently high blood pressure when I'm in his office...can you imagine WHY my bp would be high in an oncologist's office?!?! Um yeah. So now I'm wearing this handy dandy blood pressure monitor for 24 hours so she can confirm white coat syndrome. I feel so tied down with this goofy bp cuff on constantly and purse that carries the box that stores the info and the pump. It takes my bp every 20 minutes until midnight, then every hour until 6am, then back to every 20 minutes until 1pm tomorrow, when I can take it off. Basically, I can't wait until 1pm tomorrow;-)

So today has been a very good day. Now I am going to get comfy for the evening and enjoy my still cancer-free-ness. Have a good evening, friends!



The Wasson's said…
Congrats on the CLEAR MRI! God is so Faithful!
The Wasson's said…
Congrats on the CLEAR MRI! God is so Faithful!
Your news made me so happy! I'm glad you don't have to go through that test again :)

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